UMPG launches ‘one-click advance’ service for songwriters

Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) has updated its songwriter accounts portal, Royalty Window, with new enhancements including a ‘one-click’ advance service.

This means that UMPG writers can request a monetary advance online against due incoming royalties for no additional fee.

The new features debut today for account holders in the US and UK with a roll out to the rest of the world coming over the next year.

Royalty Window account holders can also now see balance updates as royalties are processed.

“Because of our industry-leading technology we’re able to continually develop new features and services that meet the needs of our songwriters,” said Jody Gerson (pictured), Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group.

“Our industry-leading technology allows us to continually develop new features and services that meet the needs of our songwriters.”

Jody Gerson, UMPG

“Universal Music Publishing Group continues to be at the forefront in offering the very best system and global copyright administration worldwide,”

As well as 24/7 online access to royalty statements, payment information and royalty data, Royalty Window offers UMPG clients additional analysis tools and income tracking services.

UMPG says that one-third of its core employees in 47 markets are dedicated local royalty and copyright administration experts – who ‘ensure accuracy, keep local societies in check and maximise efficiency, payment flow and creative opportunities in each market’.

“Innovation, technology and a significant administrative presence in all major global music markets are the keys to maximizing income and opportunities for ourselves and our writer clients.” said Michael J. Sammis, EVP-Operations and Worldwide Chief Financial Officer.

“We continue to concentrate our efforts on these and other priorities of our writers including increased transparency, access and best-in-class administration globally.”

In addition to songwriters, Royalty Window is also used by entertainment and business managers, and major film studio partners.Music Business Worldwide

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