Steve Clark, global administration head at Warner Chappell, is leaving the publisher

Steve Clark, a two-decade veteran of Warner Chappell Music, is departing the company’s ranks at the end of the year, MBW has learned.

The popular exec, who leads the company’s global administration efforts, currently holds the position of EVP of Global Operations.

An internal memo sent by Guy Moot (WCM CEO & co-Chairman) and Carianne Marshall (WCM COO & co-Chairman) last week, obtained by MBW, said that they had “mutually agreed” with Clark that “he’ll be leaving the company at the end of the year”.

The duo added: “Over the last 20 years at Warner Chappell, Steve’s built a stellar reputation for hard work, delivering on plans, integrity and a good sense of humor. ”

Sources say London-based Clark (pictured inset) oversaw the launch of new tech tools at Warner Chappell, including the company’s royalties app, which is available in many local languages.

Additional sources say there won’t be an immediate replacement for Clark at Chappell, but in the coming weeks the company is expected to make announcements about the leadership of functions Clark oversaw.

Clark first joined Warner Chappell in 1998 as Head of Copyright.Music Business Worldwide

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