Ochre releases new suite of developer tools for D2C market

UK based music e-commerce platform Ochre has launched a range of new developer tools to be used in the D2C space by labels, distributors, service companies and artist managers.

Ochre says that its new tools open up access to e-commerce data and allow greater customization of e-commerce experiences.

Amongst the new tools are the Ochre API, which provides programmatic access to stores allowing custom integrations, app and complete website builds, as well as custom warehouse integrations and access to sales and trends data.

The Storefront Development Kit, meanwhile, is described as “a handy resource to get custom builds off to a quick start and support third-party development teams”.

Widgets are mini apps already built using the Ochre API. These can be used by any client to create quick integrations and assist custom builds.

Ochre says that a few select clients have already been granted early access to its new developer tools.

The API has been used for bespoke frontend development projects with !K7, Partisan Records and Warp.

Meanwhile, custom warehouse integrations have been implemented with 3PL warehouses including Proper Music and Cinram.

In collaboration with Supernature, in-app purchasing was made possible from a virtual AJ Tracey locker room, while video game engine Unity was able to power in-game D2C purchases from within 3D or AR environments.

Ahead of the public launch of the developer toolkit, Ochre says that it already had clients generating “thousands” of transactions originating from custom integrations on third party services, apps and websites.

“We’re excited to announce these developer tools and can’t wait to see new innovative usage of our technology to address these areas and more.”

Dan Minchom, Ochre

Commenting on the launch of the developer tools, Dan Minchom, Managing Director, Ochre said: “For a number of years we’ve been building technology from the ground up, specifically designed for music e-commerce.

“We’ve found that some projects need greater flexibility and creative control over the user experience, but equally music organisations have business requirements to deeply integrate D2C activity with internal tools and have the option of working with their own selected partners.

“By opening up greater access to data held in Ochre we are empowering our clients to both create innovative customer experiences and use their ecommerce data across their businesses.

“We’re excited to announce these developer tools and can’t wait to see new innovative usage of our technology to address these areas and more.”Music Business Worldwide

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