BandLab rolls out integration with beat marketplace Airbit

Meng Ru Kuok, CEO & Co-founder of BandLab Technologies, and Wasim Khamlichi, CEO & Founder at Airbit,

Singapore-headquartered music creation platform BandLab has rolled out new integrations with Airbit, the beat marketplace acquired by BandLab Technologies in February.

Starting Monday (October 2), BandLab users can now embed their beats directly in BandLab posts from Airbit.

According to BandLab, this integration lets Airbit creators “amplify their beats to a broader audience and also benefit from using BandLab Boost to promote their posts to trending feeds”.

BandLab claims that with Airbit embeds on its platform, producers “can share their beats with a broader audience, tapping into BandLab’s vast community of over 60 million creators”.


Airbit offers a catalog of over a million beats from producers and beatmakers across the world. The platform, which reports to have over 800,000 users, has so far sold over 2 million beats.

Producers have earned more than $50 million on Airbit to date, the company says.

In addition to embeds on BandLab, producers on Airbit will also have the ability to natively ‘Share to BandLab’ any beat on Airbit’s catalog of over 1 million beats available to license or purchase.

Once clicked, BandLab will open with the beat already embedded in a new post. Native embeds will only be available on the web upon initial release, with mobile compatibility to come in future releases.

BandLab says the integration builds upon Airbit’s recent announcements of eliminating platform Marketplace commissions, expanding its free Basic plan, and the ability for users to register with and log into Airbit using their BandLab account.

BandLab Technologies acquired Airbit earlier this year.

That deal was followed by a $25 million Series B1 funding round that saw BandLab’s post-money valuation reach $425 million.

In August, BandLab Technologies, the parent company of social music-making platform BandLab, unveiled what it said was “a comprehensive rebrand”.

The company also launched a new corporate website, which it says will serve as a central hub for its music technology offerings.

“Integrating Airbit is just one of the recent steps we have taken to ensure our creators feel empowered, in control, and innovative in what they do.”

Meng Ru Kuok, BandLab Technologies

Speaking to MBW, Meng Ru Kuok, CEO and Co-founder of BandLab Technologies, said: “BandLab creators hold so much talent and creativity that it’s very important for us to make it as easy as possible for them to express it.

“Integrating Airbit is just one of the recent steps we have taken to ensure our creators feel empowered, in control, and innovative in what they do.”

Added Meng Ru Kuok: “Our goal has always been to empower creators by providing tools to amplify their voice and vision.

“This is just another step in bringing Airbit’s expansive beat marketplace to BandLab’s passionate community and a testament to our dedication to creating a seamless and rich ecosystem for creators worldwide.”

“This is a monumental step for both Airbit and BandLab.”

Wasim Khamlichi, Airbit

Wasim Khamlichi, CEO & Founder at Airbit, added: “This is a monumental step for both Airbit and BandLab.

“Our objective remains clear as we continue to integrate — providing creators a platform where their work gets the spotlight it deserves.”Music Business Worldwide

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