T-Series briefly claims No.1 YouTube channel position from PewDiePie

Swedish gaming vlogger PewDiePie was briefly relegated to the No.2 most-subscribed YouTube channel spot behind India’s T-Series today (March 20).

As reported by Variety, today (March 20) at 12pm Pacific Time, T-Series’ had 90.394 million subscribers, compared to PewDiePie’s 90.387m.

PewDiePie then reclaimed pole position around half an hour later.

At the time of writing (13:37 PT) the T-Series YouTube channel has 90.399 million subscribers and more than 65.1bn views.

PewDiePie’s YouTube channel currently stands at 90.409m subscribers.

T-Series is India’s largest homegrown record company – it owns a catalog of 160,000 songs, which includes some of the most popular Indian music recorded over the past 30 years and its YouTube channel’s subscriber numbers are growing at a staggering rate.

In January, when T-Series entered into a global content partnership with Spotify, the company’s subscriber count was 80.45m, which means that it’s added over 10m subscribers in just over two months.

T-Series’ channel had 89.3 million subs on March 14, when it signed a licencing agreement with Facebook, therefore adding over 1m subscribers in just less than a week.

The battle between PewDiePie and T-Series for the YouTube channel throne has been going on for months and as noted by MBW back in October 2018, and especially now with T-Series finally taking the No.1 spot (albeit very briefly),  if you want a snapshot of the global potential of India’s music business, you really don’t need to look much further than this.

[Pictured: Chogada Video Song, which has over 185m views on T-Series’ YouTube channel]Music Business Worldwide

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