Spotify users can now combine music and podcasts on playlists

Spotify really wants its users to listen to podcasts.

Starting today (September 30) the streaming company has added what it describes as a ‘frequently requested functionality’: the ability for users to add podcasts to their own playlists.

Spotify posted the news this morning, writing that “until recently, playlists were exclusive to music. But now, in the true spirit of Audio First, Spotify users can combine music and podcasts on the same playlists”.

‘Audio First’ is of course the content strategy established by Spotify boss Daniel Ek in February.

In order to meet its ‘Audio First’ objectives, the company has acquired three podcast companies, Anchor and Gimlet Media for $343 million combined and also Parcast, a company that specializes in true-crime programs.

“It’s as easy as making a playlist full of music.”


What the new functionality means in practice is that users can build playlists of podcasts, or add podcasts to existing playlists for a ‘mixed-media experience’.

Users can also set up a playlist of multiple podcasts in a row, or integrate their favorite songs with, for example, news, comedy, or sports podcasts.

As first reported by The Verge, Spotify actually started testing inserting podcasts into personalized playlists earlier this year.

Then in June, the company launched a personalized playlist for US users that combines podcasts and music.

Called Your Daily Drive, that playlist features short-form podcast news updates from the likes of The Wall Street Journal and NPR and was launched alongside Spotify’s new ‘Driving Hub’.

In the blog post announcing the news, Spotify said: “There are more than 3 billion user-generated playlists on Spotify. That means hours upon hours of carefully curated lists of tracks listeners can’t get enough of.

“With these new opportunities for creativity, the options are endless. And the best part, it’s as easy as making a playlist full of music.”Music Business Worldwide

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