Spotify launches self-serve ad platform in the UK and Canada

Spotify has launched its self-serve advertising platform in the UK and Canada.

The platform is available to companies of all sizes that can target listeners through 15 – 30 second audio adverts based on age, location, genres and playlists.

Alongside audio, the ads can also include images that link through to a URL.

In the UK, the minimum budget for a campaign is £250 and advertisers only pay when an ad plays.

The price includes production which can be provided by Spotify’s Ad Studio or companies can upload a ready made audio ad.

From there, marketers can pick their target audience, customise budget and campaign dates, and track results.

Spotify Ad Studio first arrived in the US last year, where a range of US businesses and advertising agencies have since used the streaming platform to reach people.

A public beta version is currently on its way to additional markets.

The ads are heard by Spotify’s non-premium subscribers, which count for 92m of its monthly active user count, which stood at 159m at the end of 2017.

According to Spotify’s recent filing on the US Security and Exchanges Commission, its advertising revenues have grown 112% since 2015, rising from €196m to €416m in 2017.

That only makes up 10% of its overall revenue, however, which stood at €4,09bn last year.

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