Spotify joins recruitment drive for Web3 experts


The NFT business has attracted a lot of attention from the music industry.

All three major labels are ramping up their activity in the space, while music-related NFT businesses are getting backed by prominent investors.

Now, the world’s largest music streaming company could also be planning to enter the fray.

The Financial Times reports that Spotify is ‘drawing up plans to add blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens to its streaming service’.

As noted by the FT, SPOT has been hiring for a couple of roles over the past two weeks that require Web3 expertise, and which hint at possible ambitions to start taking its first steps in the world of NFTs, blockchain technology, crypto and the metaverse.

The first of these two ads, for a Senior Backend Engineer, was published over two weeks ago, and is looking for someone to work on a team “responsible for driving growth through new technologies, like Web3.”

According to the job ad, Spotify is looking specifically for an individual who can “build engaging new experiences to foster connections with younger audiences”.

This person will also be required to collaborate “with product, insights, and design to uncover the next growth opportunity leveraging new technologies, like Web3”.

Meanwhile, in a new job ad, for a New York-based Senior Manager, Innovation and Market Intelligence, Spotify says that it looking for a web3 expert who is a “one-of-a-kind Sr. Manager to help lead market intelligence, as well as ideate and design exponential growth opportunities for Spotify”.

Spotify also claims in the ad that its Innovation & Market Intelligence group “is a select team of futurists”.

These so-called futurists, according to SPOT, provide, “leadership and strategic oversight in the areas of long-term strategy, industry and competitive analysis, business intelligence”.

Thy also work on “the identification and design of exponential Spotify Moonshots”.

“The Innovation & Market Intelligence group is a select team of futurists providing leadership and strategic oversight in the areas of long-term strategy, industry and competitive analysis, business intelligence, and the identification and design of exponential Spotify Moonshots.

Spotify Job ad

Moonshots, you may recall, is the term Spotify CEO Daniel Ek used during an interview in 2020 to describe technology companies in Europe that have the potential of becoming super companies.

At the time, Ek personally pledged to invest €1 billion over the next decade to invest in European technology companies working on everything from machine learning to biotechnology, material sciences and energy.

Within the new ad, Spotify says that wants to recruit  an exec who can act as “a hybrid strategic designer, researcher, product designer, and entrepreneurial storyteller excited about the opportunity to live at the edge of what’s possible to help define Spotify Moonshots”.

Furthermore, this person will need to be an expert on everything from emerging trends, to technologies, platforms and ecosystems, “especially as it relates to the content, creator, media, web3, and emerging technology industries”.

The successful candidate will also need to be able “to design and build interactive digital prototypes to bring concepts to life”.Music Business Worldwide

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