Sony confirms exit of L.A Reid… with shortest corporate statement possible


Sony Music has officially announced that L.A Reid is leaving Epic Records – with the tersest corporate statement we’ve ever seen.

So short is the missive confirming the exec’s departure, it contains just seven words. And two of them are ‘L.A Reid’.

Here it is in all its diminutive glory:

L.A. Reid will be leaving the company.

Linguistically, it’s a work of economical wonder.

But you’d be foolhardy not to note the lack of ‘we wish him well’ / ‘Sony thanks L.A for all of his hard work and dedication’-type garnish typically served alongside such valedictions.

Make of that what you will.

L.A Reid has been head of Los Angeles-based Epic for nearly six years.

His departure gives Rob Stringer a double-hiring problem to solve: in addition to Epic, Stringer has to find an exec to become CEO/President of Columbia Records – a role he himself vacated to replace Doug Morris as Sony Music CEO in April.

With two big jobs up for grabs, expect to see some music business merry-go-round action in the coming weeks and months.

Stringer was heavily rumored to have been courting Warner exec Max Lousada for the Columbia gig in New York, but that chatter was put to bed when Lousada was named Warner’s global recorded music boss last month.

According to MBW’s sources, Sony expects to keep Epic as an urban-leaning label, and will be consulting its artists about Reid’s eventual successor.

L.A Reid is due to speak at Midem in Cannes, France next month.

If he doesn’t cancel ‘due to unforseen events’…  it surely promises to be the don’t-miss moment of the expo.Music Business Worldwide

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  • genuineinc

    I’m up for the job…….

  • NBGMG.Net

    Oh snap, so many artist and labels went to Epic because of LA Reid. I wonder if this will have an affect on the urban department

  • peta

    This Cleary happened because Rob did not like him & wanted him gone! Example. Look at the Media rollout on this story! Its all over every major publication. “variety Hollywood insider” Cmon ppl. the type of sexual harassment that he did was all lip service. if thats the case then there would be no Guys working in the Music industry, or in the Entertainment Industry! This woman took her money & is now Gone. If she went on a Campaign saying she was taken advantage of & spoke out publicly then i would understand the reasoning for this rollout. but she’s not.This is all coming from Sony! AKA Rob “Douchbag” Stringer this is not to take the blame from LA. cause he is clearly in the wrong!! But you can see this is a move by Rob to make the other heads not want to touch him at all! When Rollout like this happen its usually because the woman decided not to stay silent and go public! this is all coming from Sony, and its ment to Damage this man so bad that no one will want to hire him. the Only Blk Executive of his Caliber in the Music Business.

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