Amazon Music has over 55m customers worldwide

Steve Boom, Amazon

Amazon Music has published its growth metrics for ‘the first time ever’.

The music streaming service revealed today (January 22), via the Amazon Day 1 blog, that it has reached more than 55 million customers globally.

It also revealed that subscriptions to Amazon Music Unlimited grew by more than 50% last year alone.

Today’s announcement also states that Amazon Music “has grown nearly 50% year-over-year across the US, UK, Germany, and Japan and has more than doubled in newer countries such as France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico”.

Last July, a Financial Times report stated that “in April [2019] Amazon had more than 32m subscribers to all its music services including Unlimited and Prime Music”.

According to a post published today by Midia Research’s Mark Mulligan, Amazon Music’s subscriber number is likely to be closer to 50m:

“Based on our Q2 2019 numbers for Amazon and the fact that Amazon’s free tier was only rolled out in late 2019 across a few markets, MIDiA estimates Amazon Music’s actual subscriber number to be 50 million,” writes Mulligan.

“This implies a subscriber growth of 16 million on 2018.”

Amazon currently offers a number of streaming pricing tiers, having introduced Amazon Music HD In the second half of 2019, which costs existing Amazon Prime members $12.99 (US) / £12.99 (UK) a month and non-Prime members $14.99 / $14.99 a month.

Meanwhile, Prime members have access to two million songs at no additional cost to their membership, or for $7.99/month or $79/year, they can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited.

Then there’s the Single device plan, which gets Prime Members access to Amazon Music Unlimited for $3.99/month on a Fire TV or Echo device.

Amazon also offers a family plan for $14.99/month, or $149/year for Prime members.

Meanwhile, customers who do not have a Prime membership, or a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, can listen to an ad-supported selection of playlists and thousands of stations for free.

“Customers in more than 40 countries around the world enjoy Amazon Music, and its growth is not slowing down. Amazon Music has grown nearly 50% year-over-year across the US, UK, Germany, and Japan and has more than doubled in our newer countries such as France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico.”

Steve Boom, Amazon Music

“We’re proud to reach this incredible milestone and are overwhelmed by our customers’ response to Amazon Music,” said Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music (pictured).

“Our strategy is unique and, like everything we do at Amazon, starts with our customers. We’ve always been focused on expanding the marketplace for music streaming by offering music listener’s unparalleled choice because we know that different listeners have different needs.

“As we continue to lead in our investment in voice with Alexa, and in high-quality audio with Amazon Music HD, we’re excited to bring our customers and the music industry even more innovation in 2020 and beyond.”

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