Adele’s 25 is on one streaming service – Pandora

Whereas Apple Music and Spotify both made statements in response to the no-show of Adele‘s 25 on their services at the end of last week, Pandora stayed quiet.

The US-based non-interactive streaming service was clearly biding its time – because it’s just told the world that is does have 25 on its platform, just in time for Thanksgiving weekend.

Pandora yesterday confirmed that it now has all tracks from 25 locked into its ‘radio’ listening library.

[Update: It looks as though 25 has been on the service since release as Pandora has a statutory license on all recorded music in the US. It also, for instance, has The Beatles on its service, regardless of what the Fab Four’s team might think about it…]

Although the firm’s near-80m users won’t be able to select which songs they listen to, they will all appear, in someone’s ears, at some point on the service.

“Good news radio listeners, you can now hear all songs from Adele’s latest album 25 on Pandora,” Pandora said in a statement yesterday.

It is clear radio listeners love adele and are coming to pandora to enjoy her incredible music.”

“It is clear radio listeners love Adele and are coming to Pandora to enjoy her incredible music. Since ‘Hello’ was added to our platform last month, her total station adds are up 1200%.

“Within that same timeframe, spins for ‘Hello’ are more than 5x the number for the next most popular song ‘Someone Like You.'”

25’s US sales reached 2.56m on Monday in the, according to retail monitor BuzzAngle, with more than 3m projected by some for the full chart week.

The US sales breakdown is currently 54% digital and 46% physical.

Meanwhile, Pandora is plotting a global expansion in 2016 following its acquisition of assets from Rdio for $75 – but it will only be able to pull off its gameplan if it can accrue international licences from music rightsholders.Music Business Worldwide

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