TuneCore says that over 80,000 indie artists are enrolled in its ‘TuneCore Accelerator’ marketing programs

TuneCore Accelerator artist Avery*Sunshine

Believe-owned DIY distribution company TuneCore has published its first TuneCore Accelerator Report, which it says showcases “the increased exposure and growth self-releasing artists have experienced as a result of the company’s TuneCore Accelerator program”.

TuneCore reports that more than 80,000 independent artists are enrolled in TuneCore Accelerator marketing programs across multiple DSPs. You can read the full report here.

The accelerator program consists of four development plans, which TuneCore says are “customized to serve artists at different stages of their careers”.

Amongst those plans are ‘Start‘ for early-stage development artists (with tracks garnering less than 1,000 streams per year), while ‘Amplify‘ is intended for artists at an “emerging stage” of development (with tracks achieving 1,000 to 9,999 streams per year).

The ‘Break‘ plan meanwhile, is for artists at what TuneCore says calls an “accelerating stage of development” with their tracks garnering 10,000 to 99,999 streams per year.

The Maximize plan is aimed at artists at the “top stage of development” with their tracks garnering 100,000 to over 1 million streams per year.

TuneCore claims in its report that in the first quarter following the launch of the Accelerator, “nearly 10,000 artists increased their streams by an average of 143% compared to the previous quarter and moved to a higher development segment”.

TuneCore says that all four plans within its accelerator “increased artist discoverability”, with participating Hip-Hop and Latin tracks “experiencing +660 million and +590 million additional streams, respectively, in the first quarter than the same tracks experienced before enrolling in the program”.

Country and Latin genres saw the highest total streaming growth, according to TuneCore, “each with an overall growth rate above 30% quarter over quarter”.

TuneCore reports that the “US showed a growth rate of more than 16% in total streams over the previous quarter for tracks within the program” while “Brazil, LATAM (ex Brazil), and India shined as the fastest growing regions outside of the US, posting 37%, 23%, and 16% quarter-over-quarter streaming growth rates, respectively”.

TuneCore cites Atlanta-based R&B/Soul and Gospel artist Avery*Sunshine as a case study from the accelerator.

According to the company, “between June and September 2023, Avery*Sunshine’s tracks that were included in the TuneCore Accelerator program saw a nearly 25% increase, accounting for almost half a million more streams compared to the previous quarter”.

“TuneCore Accelerator was created in direct response to self-releasing artists’ growing need for a better way to find and develop their audiences, especially in the early phases of their careers.”

Andreea Gleeson, CEO, TuneCore

Andreea Gleeson, CEO, TuneCore, said: “TuneCore Accelerator was created in direct response to self-releasing artists’ growing need for a better way to find and develop their audiences, especially in the early phases of their careers.

“Powered by our proprietary technology built by Believe Group’s artist development experts, TuneCore Accelerator identifies and enrolls artists’ music in discovery and growth opportunities best suited to advance them to the next phase of development.

“The first report shows that the program has already helped tens of thousands of artists find new listeners, and in the first quarter since the program’s launch, 1 in 8 artists have already advanced to a higher development segment.

“Building on these early positive results, TuneCore Accelerator will be expanded to enable even more artists to grow.”Music Business Worldwide

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