The sad final act of Blinkbox Music: selling off its database

Blinkbox Music Ltd fell into administration last summer after a period of ownership by Guvera.

Around 100 staff were laid off at the UK company as a result, and have since sued Guvera in a £10m class action lawsuit.

Before Guvera acquired Blinkbox Music in January 2015 for around £4m, it was owned by UK supermarket giant Tesco.

Blinkbox Music Ltd. remains in administration, but is now being sold off piece by piece.

MBW was passed the below email on Friday – showing that Blinbox’s database has just been purchased off its administrators by UK discount retail giant JD Sports.

Before it went under, Blinkbox was understood to have amassed a user database of more than two million people.

When Guvera bought Blinkbox last year, Phil Quartararo, Chief Content Officer and President of Guvera USA, said:

“Looking broadly at where great technology is coming from, London is firmly the place to be.”


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