The Hottest Independent Artists In The World: KEYAH/BLU, Sycco, Emerson, Jadn and Rit$y

With around 40,000 tracks uploaded to Spotify daily – and 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute – how can those working in the global music business hope to discover the most promising emerging artists in the world?

One option, of course, is to turn to the robots.

Instrumental, a long-term partner of MBW, uses proprietary algorithms combined with human intelligence to comb streaming services and discover around 5,000 new artists a week whose popularity is starting to spike.

A small percentage of the 800,000 artists Instrumental tracks are tagged as ‘hot’ by its algorithm, and are subsequently monitored day-by-day on Instrumental’s platform. They are also recommended to Instrumental’s partners, which include all three major labels and companies like Corite, Live Nation, Image Sound and Paradigm.

Now, every week, MBW will showcase five of the most promising prospects within Instrumental’s new ‘hot’ artists from around the globe, citing relevant data drawn from Instrumental’s platform.

Here’s our debut list….


KEYAH/BLU is a rapper from South East London, UK.

Her track Till Bliss from her most recent EP Sorry, I Forgot You Were Coming has accumulated 111.1k streams on Spotify.

Her playlist following is currently 332k, and this has increased by 13.9% in the last week (as of March 30).

Her highest performing track Melty featuring Denzel Himself currently has over 400k Spotify streams and is featured on COLORS – ALL SHOWS, a playlist with 169.8k followers.

2) Sycco

18 year-old Sycco is an alternative pop songwriter/producer from Brisbane, Australia.

Her playlist followers have increased by 108.2% in the last week, resulting in over 1.5million in total.

Sycco’s most recent release Nicotine currently features on a number of Spotify editorial playlists including Dreampop (137k followers) and Front left (537k followers).

3) Emerson

Emerson is an R&B/soul artist from Canada.

His Spotify playlist followers have increased by 1,380.78% in the last week.

His most recent release Hallucinate is featured in New Music Friday Canada (288k followers) and Fresh Finds (705k followers).

His direct Spotify followers have increased by 29.17% in the last seven days.

4) Jadn

Jadn is a social media-savvy pop/rock artist from the USA.

He is a viral TikTok influencer with 4.6million followers and over 170 million likes.

His debut single Comatose (released February 26th 2020) has amassed 4.8 million Spotify streams.

He has accumulated 2 million new playlist followers in the last week.

His first and only release to date is currently featured on multiple viral charts including Global Viral 50 (1.6 million followers) and United States Viral 50 (339k Followers).

5) Rit$y

Rit$y is a rap artist from the USA.

He has accumulated 323.8k new playlist followers in the last week after his most recent release, What It’s Like, released March 23rd 2020.

His direct Spotify followers have increased by 80.6% in the last seven days.

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