The Hottest Independent Artists In The World: Sara Fajira, Memblem, Bob Juburi, Debbiah and MaazaKayo

Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen our Hottest Independent Artists In The World series, in partnership with digital talent discovery specialist, Instrumental.

Instrumental’s ‘hot score’ flags independent artists daily that are seeing exceptional performance across a range of key metrics.

This is the very same algorithm that tipped acts like Surfaces, Tones and I, Lil Tecca and Anson Seabra months before they went mainstream.

Here are another five of the most exciting prospects from around the globe from within Instrumental’s current batch of ‘hot’ artists…

Sara Fajira – pop, Indonesia

Javan 25-year-old, Sara Fajira, rose to over 10 million playlist followers this month after her March-released single, LATHI went viral across Indonesia.

Fajira has quickly built her brand around the track (currently sitting at 63 million YouTube views), including an Instagram page with 344,000 followers and a TikTok profile with 432,000 likes.

The video has also spawned popular reaction videos and fan-made covers.

Memblem – vaporwave, Canada

New in 2020 is experimental vaporwave DJ, Memblem, who has gathered almost 14,000 monthly listeners since winning the Kenny Beats Battle earlier this year and releasing his first three singles.

His track Lights appears on two prominent Spotify playlists, ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘Metropolis’.

You can watch the Canadian’s music tutorials on his YouTube channel, where he recently posted an explanation as to how he succeeded in the beats challenge, with that video gathering 235,000 views.

Bob Juburi – alt-pop, Spain

Multi-instrumentalist producer, Bob Juburi, went ‘hot’ earlier this month on the back of two new singles, Machoman and Siempre Estás.

From his studio in Madrid, he has accrued over 3 million streams from over 79 countries.

Juburi posts bedroom sessions and experimental sets from his lesser-known Instagram account. You can also find exclusive remixes on his SoundCloud page.

Debbiah – alt-pop, US

Brand-new in May, Debbiah immediately went ‘hot’ on Instrumental’s platform after her debut self-released single, The Villain appeared on Spotify’s 80,000 follower ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist.

Her style of brooding alt-pop has helped her to gain listeners in Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, as well as overseas in Brazil and Taiwan.

Debbiah makes vocal appearances in a wide range of genres. You can listen to her collaboration with retro-pop producer, Squid, here and on pop-rock track, Far Away, here.

MaazaKayo – Rap, Germany

MaazaKayo grew from 0 to 1.35m playlist followers this month after his latest track, Spanische Ware appeared on a key Spotify playlist Deutschrap Brandneu.

The German rapper is now seeking his 1 millionth stream, after building momentum throughout the year with tracks such as Immer das Gleiche (currently at 291,000).

MaazaKayo keeps an active YouTube channel, where he has begun posting music videos. He also recorded an ‘Aboveground’ session in March, which has seen close to 60,000 views.

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