Spotify’s rumored ‘Supremium’ tier to offer Lossless music and AI playlist creation at $19.99 per month (report)

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The long-rumored ‘Supremium’ plan by Spotify is set to offer 24-bit Lossless music and the ability to make playlists with artificial intelligence at a monthly subscription price of $19.99 per month.

That’s according to a recent Reddit post by user Hypixely, who cited a code for the Supremium project known internally at Spotify as project “Nemo”.

About two months ago, the music streaming giant officially increased the price of its flagship Premium subscription tier in the US to $10.99. The price adjustment also took effect in multiple markets around the world.

The company at the time said the updates “will help us continue to deliver value to fans and artists on our platform.”

Most recently, Reddit user Hypixely said the upgrade is set to introduce a range of enhanced features, including Lossless music quality, noting that Spotify does not refer to Lossless music as HiFi anymore.

Spotify started working on a HiFi feature in early 2021, although it still has yet to roll out the feature.

Subsequently in October 2022, Spotify was reported to be gearing up for a new ‘Platinum’ tier that would cost $19.99. Reports suggested that the said tier would include HiFi audio. However, those reported plans still have yet to come to fruition.

Apple Music and Amazon Music already offer HiFi listening to their standard premium plans for free.

Apple Music in May 2021 introduced Lossless Audio and Spatial Audio with support for Dolby Atmos to its service for free.

Amazon Music followed suit that same month, launching HD music listening options for its Music Unlimited Service “at No Extra Cost.”

Meanwhile, Hypixely said Supremium will also offer an AI-driven playlist generation feature. That follows the introduction of Spotify’s personalized AI “DJ” introduced in February. The feature expanded to more markets across the globe last month.

The anticipated offerings under the rumored Supremium tier also include 30 hours of audiobook listening per month. Notably, access to the allotted audiobook listening hours will be exclusive to plan managers of Individual, Duo, and Family plans.

Hypixely noted that regular Premium accounts get 20 hours of audiobooks per month.

Additionally, the Reddit post suggested that subscribers to the Supremium tier can expect the ability to filter their library based on mood, activity and genre, as well as access to advanced mixing tools that offer customization options for playlist order. This will allow users to arrange their playlist by BPM or danceability, or use a “smart order” feature that optimizes sequence using key and tempo parameters.

The advanced mixing tools also enable smooth transitions that users can set to transition between tracks.

Supremium is also expected to offer a ‘Soundcheck’ feature that will provide insights into personal listening habits and suggest a tailored mix of sounds.

Bloomberg first reported about Supremium in June, saying Spotify is preparing to introduce a new higher-priced subscription tier that will likely offer a HiFi feature. The report said the new tier will roll out in non-US markets first later this year.Music Business Worldwide

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