Spotify is developing a Stories feature for its Playlists – report

Spotify is developing a Stories feature for its Playlists that will allow artists to interact with fans.

The new feature was reported yesterday (August 19) by Jane Manchun Wong, who found it by “looking into the code underneath the Spotify Android app”.

The example of a Playlist Story found, when Jane Manchun Wong “reversed engineered the app”, was by Sigrid, which includes a video Q&A around songs in her Don’t Feel Like Crying playlist.

According to the blog post, the Playlist Story could be opened by clicking the artist’s profile picture at the top of the playlist’s page.

“It looks like the equivalent Story features on other social media platforms,” writes Jane Manchun Wong.

“A snippet of music is played after each Q&A, which notably does not necessarily start from the beginning of the music. Users could save the music to their library by tapping the Heart button.”

Although the unreleased feature looks similar to the likes of Instagram Stories, it appears to be intended for use by artists to connect with fans only, rather than being a new social feature for all Spotify users.

As noted by Jane Manchun Wong, the fact that Spotify has already filmed a Q&A session with an artist and is testing this feature is indicative of how serious it might actually be about launching it.Music Business Worldwide

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