Music-making platform BandLab launches sync licensing program for its 60m+ registered users

Meng Ru Kuok, CEO & Founder of BandLab Technologies. 

In November, BandLab, the social music creation platform owned by Singapore-based BandLab Technologies, launched a distribution service for its users to upload their music straight to streaming services.

Now, it’s launching a service for its users to make their songs eligible to be used in TV, films, games and advertising.

The music-making app, which claims to be the world’s largest, has launched a sync licensing program for its global registered user base of over 60 million music creators.

The service is called ‘BandLab Licensing‘ and the company claims that it’s a “first-of-its-kind offering for a music creation platform”.

BandLab Licensing is described by BandLab as “a turnkey solution for one-stop licensing” that will offer synchronization opportunities for film, TV, games, and advertising.

Additionally, BandLab says that it extends streaming licenses to platforms “seeking fresh and distinctive rights-cleared content”.

BandLab said in a statement on Wednesday (January 17) that “musicians can unlock the potential to have their music featured in their preferred platforms and beloved shows, not only elevating their exposure, but also bolstering their earnings and fan base”.

BandLab Licensing builds on the ReverbNation Sync Licensing program, which BandLab says has facilitated thousands of licensing placements for its artists and attracted “top-tier brands” like Toyota, GEICO, Starbucks, SiriusXM, and CBS.

It has also secured onscreen placements on Reservation Dogs, Disney+’s The Clauses, CW’s The Flash, WWE Raw, and others.

BandLab acquired ReverbNation, a DIY artist services platform, in November 2021 and introduced a new brand identity for the platform last year.

The new licensing service marks the latest in a string of significant announcements from BandLab in recent months, including the roll-out of its distribution service in partnership with FUGA in November.

Meanwhile, in October, Universal Music Group (UMG) and BandLab Technologies announced plans for what they called “an expansive, industry-first strategic relationship concentrated on artificial intelligence”.

According to UMG, the partnership will be “centered on empowering the next generation of artists, including within BandLab’s global community”.

“The launch of BandLab Licensing marks a significant milestone in the expansion of offerings available to BandLab users.”

Meng Ru Kuok, BandLab Technologies

BandLab’s CEO, Meng Ru Kuok, revealed at the end of 2022 that BandLab’s global community of 60 million-plus registered users are cumulatively generating around 17 million new tracks each month.

Meng told MBW in December that he “think[s] there will be over 1 billion music creators by 2030, potentially even sooner”.

He added, however, that “this is with the caveat that I also believe the definition of a ‘music creator’ or ‘musician’ will change, just as the definition of a ‘photographer’ has changed with the advent of smartphones.”

Commenting on the launch of BandLab Licensing, Meng Ru Kuok, CEO & Co-founder of BandLab Technologies, said: “The launch of BandLab Licensing marks a significant milestone in the expansion of offerings available to BandLab users.

“It not only opens up new revenue streams for our creators and a new at-scale partner for the music supervisor and licensee community, but also strengthens our purpose to democratize and grow the value of music creation worldwide.

“With BandLab Licensing, our users’ music becomes the soundtrack to the world’s creative, consumption, and connection experiences.”

Today’s news arrives eight months after BandLab Technologies secured $25 million in a Series B1 funding round that raised the company valuation to $425 million post-money.

That latest investment followed the company’s successful Series B round in April 2022, where BandLab raised $65 million and achieved a post-money valuation of $315 million.

BandLab Technologies is owned by parent company Caldecott Music Group, which was formed in 2021 to house three divisions including BandLab Technologies, plus Vista Musical Instruments, and NME Networks.Music Business Worldwide

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