Kobalt rethinks the ‘greatest hits’ album with dynamic David Gray ‘Best Of’

Kobalt Label Services is releasing a David Gray ‘Best Of’ collection… with a difference. Because over on Spotify, it’s been streaming optimized.

The Best Of, released in conjunction with IHT Records, will arrive in a standard album format on CD and vinyl in October – but has already been released as a dynamic playlist on Spotify that automatically changes shape every Monday.

David Emery, VP Global Marketing Strategy, Kobalt Label Services, told MBW that the format would give Kobalt and Gray the opportunity to keep the artist’s 850,000-plus monthly listeners on Spotify engaged.

“We didn’t just want to make a static playlist – Kobalt has the technology to create something special that changes and adapts with David Gray as an artist,” he said.

“We have noticed that the tracks that are most popular for [David Gray] change over time on Spotify, and a lot of that is driven by playlists.

“This provides the chance to see an instant reaction to new tracks, just as much as older tracks.”

Kobalt says that the ‘Best Of David Gray Weekly’ playlist benefits from its ‘advanced proprietary software’, which makes the most popular tracks from the artist more prominent as each week goes by.

“This is ever-changing, and essentially controlled by how David Gray fans are listening to his music,” explained Emery.

“We’re not in control of it, [David]’s not in control of it and Spotify isn’t in control of it: it’s purely powered by popularity, and that’s a fascinating thing.”

He added: “Kobalt Label Services sees ourselves as enabling things for our artists using technology, expertise and service. We’re not a consumer-facing brand, but they are. We’re here to power their careers.

“For an artist with such a great catalogue of massive hits like David Gray we wanted to take a step back and rethink what a Greatest Hits compilation should be in 2016.”

David Gray commented, “What we have on our hands with the ‘Best Of David Gray Weekly’ is an ever-evolving ‘Best Of’ that is different every week, every month, every year, every decade.

“The more you stream a track, any David Gray song, the higher in the playlist it appears.”

Chris Stoneman, Senior Account Manager, Spotify commented, “Spotify are thrilled to partner with Kobalt in helping artists use our data in new and original ways.

“In re-imagining the ‘Best Of’ album for the streaming age, they’ve provided a better experience for fans whilst creating opportunities for the artist.”

David Gray has a worldwide label services agreement with Kobalt Label Services that covers both his most recent album, Mutineers as well as his back catalogue including his breakout multi-platinum album, White Ladder.

David Gray will be releasing a new “Best of David Gray” compilation on CD, Double CD and LP on October 14, 2016, featuring a selection of tracks from across his extensive back catalogue as well as two brand new tracks.

The LP includes some of his biggest tracks, including Babylon, Sail Away and This Year’s Love available on vinyl for the first time.

To view the latest dynamic track listing, visit davidgray.com.Music Business Worldwide

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