Daniel Ek to launch new Arsenal bid worth over $2.8bn (report)

Daniel Ek speaking at the Stream On online Spotify event, February 22, 2021

Spotify boss Daniel Ek is reportedly not backing down in his attempts to become Arsenal Football Club’s new owner.

After Ek’s first offer for the London club was rejected in May, The UK’s Daily Mail reports this week that the 38-year-old billionaire is set to raise his offer to try tempt Arsenal’s existing owners, Stan and Josh Kroenke, to hand over the club.

The Daily Mail article cites sources close to Ek who claim that the SPOT boss is a preparing a new bid ‘north of £2 billion’ (approx. $2.8bn), and that Ek is ‘not going anywhere and wants to get a deal done’.

Ek’s first bid was reported to be in the vicinity of £1.8 billion ($2.5 billion).

In a tweet sent on Saturday May 15, Ek said that “Inaccurate reports emerged today saying I have not made a bid for Arsenal Football Club”.

He added: “I think it’s important to correct the record – this week an offer was made to both [Arsenal owner] Josh Kroenke and their bankers that included fan ownership, representation at board and a golden share for the supporters.

“They replied that they don’t need the money. I respect their decision but remain interested and available should that situation ever change.”

In a statement released by Stan and Josh Kroenke at the end of April, the pair said they remained “100 per cent committed to Arsenal” and that “our ambition for Arsenal remains to compete to win the biggest trophies in the game”.

Murmurs around Ek’s interest in the club began in mid-April, with Ek tweeting at the time: “As a kid growing up, I’ve cheered for @Arsenal as long as I can remember. If KSE would like to sell Arsenal I’d be happy to throw my hat in the ring.”Music Business Worldwide

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