Apple Music has 50m subscribers and/or trialists – up 2m from April

Apple Music continues to grow at around 2m net additional subscribers per month.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the platform now boasts 50m user – a number which combines paying customers with those enjoying the service’s three-month introductory trial.

The news was revealed via Bloomberg as part of a new, wide-reaching interview with Cook (pictured).

No other details about the stats were given.

The update comes just over a month after an internal Apple memo revealed that the company had 40m paying subscribers and 8m free trialists in mid-April.

These numbers are interesting in light of Spotify‘s recent growth pattern.

Daniel Ek‘s company added 4m paying subscribers in the first three months of this year, according to its Q1 filings.

That’s an average net monthly addition of 1.3m subs.

Spotify is now at 75m subscribers in total and 170m monthly active users.

However, what many see at Spotify’s biggest weapon against Apple is its free tier – something that just got a boost with more interactive features on mobile.Music Business Worldwide

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