Apple Music: Here’s the feature record labels will REALLY love

The first impressions of Apple Music suggest that the app is going down a storm, and is packed with features that will keep fans busy for days to come.

But there’s one feature above any other that will be exciting the world’s record labels.

Well, a non-feature, to be accurate.

Apple Music has made it fairly complicated to extricate yourself from the automatic subscription payments which continue after your three-month free trial.

The process is so tricky, various tech sites such as MacWorld, The Wall Street Journal blog, The Verge and 9to5 Mac (and many more) have felt the need to write special guides explaining how it’s achieved.

The Apple Music app requires users to choose their subscription preference and confirm their payment approval before they get access to the three-month trial.

If you’re interested in making sure you halt your subscription before it begins, you need to enter your Apple ID via the app, then locate your account settings, then fiddle with your subscription options…

Ah, who are we trying to kid.

Every record label in the land will be quietly hoping that nobody works it out.

Insider whispers out of Apple suggests that Cupertino giant wants to convert 100m Apple Music triallists into paying customers this year.

It’s a hugely lofty goal, but when you consider that Jimmy Iovine said nearly a billion people will be exposed to Apple Music – when it arrives on Mac and Windows in the near future, at least – perhaps it’s not one outside the realms of possibility.

If Apple markets the heck out of its new service, that is…Music Business Worldwide

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