Adele: Officially bigger than Call Of Duty and Jurassic World

Every year, the UK’s Entertainment Retailers Association puts out its Entertainment Chart.

It’s always a fascinating read for the music business, but it can sometimes get a little deflating.

Not so in 2015.

Adele‘s 25 – which MBW estimates turned over more than £20m ($29m) at retail in the UK last year alone – outsold all competition in unit terms in the market.

According to ERA‘s chart, based on data from Official Charts Company plus its equivalents in the video games and movie markets, 25 outsold annual video game update FIFA 16 by 88,771 copies.

As for the latest Call Of Duty, Black Ops III, 25 was way out ahead – it outsold the Activision Blizzard title by a comfortable 676,037.

Of course, it’s probably best for the music business’s ego not to work out what the turnover was of these titles.

Let’s just quietly consider the fact that the average UK album sells for £7.80, while the average boxed ‘triple-A’ video game goes for closer to £40.

Ed Sheeran’s X was the second highest-selling music product in 2015, according to the ERA chart, with just over 1m sales in the year.

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