Spain’s Unison launches global management platform for digital rights, SOLO

Jordi Puy

Barcelona-based private music copyright management organization Unison has introduced SOLO, a global management platform for digital rights.

SOLO will provide artists and creators with professional tools to manage their digital rights, offering solutions for both copyright and master rights, all without intermediaries, according to a press release last week (July 26).

The project has received partial financing from the Next Generation EU funds, operating under the framework of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan spearheaded by the Government of Spain.

The platform will offer a dashboard that will allow artists to track all digital rights earnings from their compositions and recordings. Unison says SOLO eliminates the need for multiple intermediaries and ensures that artists retain more control over their creative works.

Artists can easily upload and register their music and know how it is played and how much it generates through data visualization. Without any intermediaries, artists are expected to get more revenue for their music, Unison said in a dedicated website for SOLO. 

“SOLO will enable authors to save time and money and provide more time – and peace of mind – for them to focus on what they are truly passionate about: creating music.”

Jordi Puy, Unison

“SOLO will enable authors to save time and money and provide more time – and peace of mind – for them to focus on what they are truly passionate about: creating music,” said Jordi Puy, CEO of Unison.

“SOLO culminates in our passion to simplify digital distribution and copyright management – and it does so in one place, without middlemen and the percentages they take. We can’t wait for you to have a look at the insights SOLO can provide for your catalog, Puy added.

Unison says a staggering 120,000 songs are uploaded to digital platforms daily. However, due to improper data registration and inefficiencies, hundreds of millions of euros go undistributed each year, failing to reach the rightful creators of the works. 

SOLO said it seeks to address this issue by establishing transparent and unified management of all digital rights in one central hub. The platform is built on a foundation of metadata to ensure precise tracking of usage and timely distribution of earnings to rights holders, Unison added.

SOLO will be offered through a subscription model and will be compatible with various devices.

Unison represents more than 700 clients from over 30 countries, collectively serving over 40,000 rights holders and managing the copyrights of more than 2.7 million musical works. 

Puy told MBW in 2020 that one of Unison’s main focuses is its operation of a multi-territorial digital licensing hub for publishing rights and its campaign for transparency in music publishing. 

“Unison was not created just to solve certain problems in Spain, but to compete in the global market,” Puy said at the time.

The organization has partnerships with US-based global distribution, label services, and rights management company ONErpm, and Brazilian CMO SOCINPRO, among others.

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