Snoop Dogg to launch Shiller, a Web3-centred live broadcast platform for creators

Snoop Dogg has teamed up with tech entrepreneur Sam Jones to launch Shiller, described as a “revolutionary” live broadcast platform for creators.

Launching in April 2023, the Shiller app, according to the startup, combines “the best of web3 technology” with live, interactive video and audio streaming.

Built on the OOOOO commerce platform,  Shiller says it will launch in April 2023 and the company claims that it has “already assembled an army of approved creators ready for launch”.

Shiller says that its launch comes on the back of “an explosion in social commerce applications in recent years”.

The company cites Mckinsey research that estimates social commerce gross merchandise volume surpassed USD $400 billion in 2022.

Shiller says in its FAQs that it will let creators make interactive live video or audio shows that can be shared via a link.

Those show hosts and members of the community can then interact within shows via real-time chat, “speaking on audio shows and joining the host on camera on video shows”.

Shiller also says that merch & NFTs and “web3 related products” can be added to shows and that the audience can interact with them within the show.

Creators looking to join Shiller will need to apply and once approved they get access to a suite of tools to monetize their content.

Features include the ability for creators to token-gate their video and audio, share products from commerce sites, and promote NFTs.

They can receive tips and virtual gifts from their audience, which can be cashed out as fiat, and engage with their audience through emojis, chat, split screens, voting, and games.

The app also allows creators to create their own tokens and digital passes, which can be featured on the Shiller marketplace and marketed within live audio or video shows.

“This app truly provides a platform for creators to reach their fans in unique ways and monetize their own content.”

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, Cofounder, Shiller, said: “I’m excited to partner with Sam to launch Shiller to the world.

“This app truly provides a platform for creators to reach their fans in unique ways and monetize their own content. As ya’ll know, I’m always about engaging my fans directly on my own terms and Shiller is perfect for that.”Music Business Worldwide