Jason Hradil promoted at BMG to SVP, Global Repertoire

BMG has promoted Jason Hradil to LA-based Senior Vice President, Global Repertoire.

The position will see Hradil responsible for marketing all inbound and outbound frontline international repertoire to and from the US.

In his new role, Hradil will report to Fred Casimir, BMG’s Berlin-based EVP Global Recordings who is responsible worldwide for the marketing of all repertoire outside its originating territory.

Hradil first joined BMG in 2011 as the then-music-publishing-focused company’s first recorded music employee in the US.

After successful campaigns for artists including A Perfect Circle, Godsmack, Nickelback, 311 and Backstreet Boys, he has most recently worked on Karen O & Danger Mouse’s critically-acclaimed record, Sammy Hagar‘s Top 5 Billboard 200 debut and the further global development of LP.

Hradil leads a US team which includes VP, Marketing outbound Shane Cosme and VP, Marketing inbound Mark Mueller.

Said Casimir, “Recordings is BMG’s fastest growing business, the US is by far our biggest territory and international is our greatest opportunity which all means the job of growing our international recordings business in and out of the US is of vital importance. I am delighted that Jason who has been working our US recorded business from day one will now step up to this position.

“Jason exemplifies BMG’s values and has shown himself able to work across a wide range of genres.”

Hradil came to BMG in 2011 after 15 years at Sony Music and Columbia Records. He was tasked with helping to shape the new BMG’s entry into the US record business and oversaw all marketing, sales, promotion and distribution for BMG releases in North America.

Following BMG’s acquisition of Vagrant Records in 2014, Hradil oversaw product marketing primarily for the US company’s rock and alternative artists.Music Business Worldwide

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