Four out of the Top 5 albums in the UK aren’t on Spotify


SkeptaKonnichiwa-Album-600x351This is getting messier and messier.

Four of the Top 5 current UK midweek albums aren’t on Spotify – and are, streaming wise, particularly fragmented.

A quick scan down the rankings, sent to labels today, shows that the same fact applies to five of the Top 6, six of the Top 10 and nine of the Top 13.

However, Spotify will proudly point out that the current No.1 on the UK midweeks, Skepta’s Konnichiwa (pictured inset), is available on its platform, and clearly doing very nicely.

Two of the Top 5 albums on the Official Chart update for Tuesday (May 10) – Prince’s The Very Best Of (No.5) and Beyonce’s Lemonade (No.2) – are TIDAL streaming exclusives.

Both releases are also available to download on iTunes, but do not appear on Spotify or Apple Music.

Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool (No.3) has caused much discussion by its absence on Spotify, but is available to stream on both Apple Music and TIDAL.

It’s the same story for Gregory Porter’s Take Me To The Alley (No.5).

Both of these records are also available to download on iTunes.

Rounding out the non-Spotify charters, Drake’s Views (No.4) remains locked as an Apple Music and iTunes exclusive until Friday.

Other Spotify snubbers in the chart include three Prince records (Hit’n’Run Phase 2 at No.10; Purple Rain at No.11; Sign O’The Times at No.12) – all available on TIDAL and iTunes, but not Apple Music or Spotify.

Adele’s 25, which aside from its singles isn’t available on any streaming platforms, is at No.13.

You’d have to say that with both iTunes and Apple Music in its arsenal, the current situation plays rather nicely into Apple’s hands – although TIDAL is the only streaming service which can claim to have the entire Top 3 on its platform.

Albums not available on Spotify in Today’s UK midweek update chart

  • 2) Beyonce – Lemonade (Columbia)
  • 3) Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool (XL)
  • 4) Drake – Views (Island/Cash Money)
  • 5) Gregory Porter (pictured, main) – Take Me To The Alley (Blue Note/Decca)
  • 6) Prince – The Very Best Of (Warner¬† Bros / Rhino)
  • 10) Prince – Hit’n’run Phase Two (NPG)
  • 11) Prince – Purple Rain OST (Paisley Park / Rhino)
  • 12) Prince – Sign O’ The Times (Paisley Park / Rhino)
  • 13) Adele – 25 (XL)

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  • princessgleek

    Makes you wonder, what other albums coming out in the near future will be missing from spotify and in most cases deezer, chances are if they don’t have an album, deezer won’t although it does have new Gregory Porter album, it’s missing all of Radiohead. So understandably a lot of heat is on spotify not having these albums but deezer has this problem as well. Not much they can do about Prince or Beyonce though.

  • Ian Liberman

    The interesting thing is that the streaming company that is most likely to go bankrupt has the most cds listed here. Why? You can not look at the overall pop / hip hop music outlook because together the genres only pull in 20 percent of all cash sales of cds. So high selling pop or hip hop cds are irrelevant. What is important is the fact that rock, metal and hard rock combined pullin about 68 to72 percent of the music industry so that the streaming company that covers these genres well and adds what it can with the others will be the most successful. Unfortunately Tidal ignores rock and metal and therefore bankruptcy is in its future no matter what. So who loves their rock and metal ? Spotify does and they just announced their superior numbers today even though they have huge holes in their pop and hip hop discography. They told Beyonce and Drake they could not care less when they get the cd .

  • Calvin Flowers

    This Music-Technology Statistics revolves like the world as technology changes so will music statistics. These stats are fleeting for the moment.