Allegra Willis Knerr promoted to lead BMG Global Synch Licensing

Allegra Willis Knerr has been promoted to lead the Global Synch Licensing team at BMG.

Previously serving as Los Angeles-based SVP, Synch Licensing, Willis Knerr will now be responsible for overseeing and supporting BMG’s global synch licensing business.

She will report directly to Dominique Casimir, EVP Global Repertoire & Marketing Europe, LatAm and Apac, who took on the role in 2020.

Allegra Willis Knerr continues to work alongside Jonathan Palmer, BMG SVP, Creative Synch in the US.

BMG says the new structure will “allow greater focus on the two key disciplines of BMG’s Global Synch team, Creative and Licensing, in order to drive growth.”

Willis Knerr will now guide and support all licensing initiatives and policies across BMG in North America and now worldwide.


Willis Knerr joined Bug Music in 2009, prior to BMG’s acquisition in 2011.

She was promoted to Director and co-head, Film & TV Licensing in 2013 and Sr. Director, Film & TV Licensing in 2015.

In 2020, she was promoted to SVP, Synch Licensing, responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and direction of BMG’s US and Canada based synch licensing business.

“This is well-deserved recognition.”

Dominique Casimir

Dominique Casimir, said: “This is well-deserved recognition of Allegra’s key role in driving the success of our Synch team in the US and will enable us to even better manage our resources in the fast-changing synch market worldwide.”Music Business Worldwide

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