A year into Spotify deal, BandPage is sending 1m fans a month to artists

One year after it signed a deal with Spotify to allow musicians to sell merch, secret shows and more on the platform, BandPage says it’s now sending more than a million music fans to artists’ online stores every month.

BandPage, which defines itself as ‘the central profile that musicians can use to engage and sell to their fans on the largest music services in the world’, has now partnered with Spotify in addition to Rhapsody, Rdio, VEVO, Shazam, Lyricfind and other music services and destination sites.

The firm says that its scale has directly resulted in musicians making ‘thousands of dollars per month’ from offers distributed through the BandPage network.

Relentless GENERATOR, one of the world’s largest D2C music and entertainment retail platforms, confirmed that BandPage was now one of its leading sources of traffic.

“BandPage has emerged as a significant and valuable partner for GENERATOR,” said Thai Randolph, Chief Marketing Officer at the company.

“If we had to replace the traffic we have received from BandPage during the past six months through a display advertising campaign, we would need to buy over one billion impressions.”

“As an industry we need to work together to understand the new types of products our customers want to buy.”

J Sider, Bandpage

BandPage says that offers which connect fans to their favorite artists in unique and distinctive ways, such as online experiences, VIP tickets and signed memorabilia, are the best selling items

”Every day we study online trends and the purchasing behavior of music fans and we’ve consistently seen the highest qualified traffic come from the streaming services and music destination sites where an artist’s customers are engaging with the artists music the most,” said J Sider, CEO and Founder of BandPage.

“After years of testing, we now have clear insights around what products music consumers find most interesting and what they’re most likely to purchase.

“The goal of studying these trends and applying the findings to our industry is to always help musicians increase their revenue at a time where the main product we’ve sold for decades has been in major decline.

“As an industry we need to work together to understand the new types of products our customers want to buy and then find the most effective ways to reach them to build sustainable careers for musicians big and small.”

Musicians are able to list all of their commercial offerings including presale offers, VIP meet and greet tickets, online concerts, tshirts, signed merchandise and more by accessing their profile and store via the BandPage Editor.

Once added to the BandPage profile the offers display in near realtime to fans on places like Spotify, VEVO, YouTube, Shazam, Rhapsody, and Rdio at the moment fans are most likely to buy.Music Business Worldwide

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