West One Music Group expands senior management team, launches custom music division in Los Angeles

Music agency West One Music Group is expanding its senior management team in the US and opening a new custom music division based in Los Angeles.

As part of the US expansion, Brad Burnside is joining West One Music Group as VP of Partnerships and Operations,.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown will be relocating from London to the US while continuing to serve in his role as head of West One Music Group’s Trailer music label and Custom Music Manager for West One Music Group.

Both Burnside and Brown will be based in Los Angeles and will report to Edwin Cox, Global CEO of West One Music Group.

The two will work closely with Cristina Bellido, VP of Business Development at West One Music Group who is based in its New York office.

As West One Music Group’s VP of Partnerships and Operations, Brad Burnside will focus on expanding activity in the broadcast and production space as well as overall strategy and leadership for the US group.

Prior to joining West One Music Group, he was Head of TV and West Coast Sales with Audio Network, where he was responsible for developing the company’s client relations and sales operations.

Chris Brown has played a central role in developing West One Music Group’s creative production resources and capabilities in London over five years in his role as Producer and label manager.

As part of its investment in the US, West One Music Group will also be opening a new recording facility in Los Angeles to help further expand the company’s creative production capabilities and client service offering.

The studio will play an important role in West One Music Group’s expansion of their custom music division, which produces unique, tailored music for any production, including full orchestral scores, one-off themes or complete sonic branding services.

“The US is a tremendously important market for every global music company, and the success we’ve had here has been very exciting.

“The US is a tremendously important market for every global music company, and the success we’ve had here has been very exciting.”

Edwin Cox, West One Music Group

“Cristina and the team have already done wonderful work for our clients across the Americas, and with Chris shifting his focus from London to Los Angeles and welcoming Brad to the team, we’re in a position to support our clients to an even deeper level for many years to come.

Brad Burnside added: “I am thrilled to be joining West One at such a landmark stage of business.

“What we’re doing with our artist-friendly record label Little Assembly, our catalog of meticulously curated production music, and our multifaceted custom music arm allows us to offer an outstanding suite of services on a local level backed by the global platform.

“We are well-positioned; Edwin, Cristina and Chris are some of the best at what they do, so I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work with them and am looking forward to what we will accomplish together.”

Pictured [Left-Right]: Cristina Bellido, VP of Business Development, West One Music Group; Edwin Cox, Global CEO, West One Music Group; Brad Burnside, VP of Partnerships and Operations, West One Music Group; and Chris Brown, head of Fired Earth Music and Custom Music Manager, West One Music Group. Photo credit: Rachel Framingheddu Murray.Music Business Worldwide

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