Sony Music podcast JV to investigate Jeffrey Epstein case

Adam McKay, an Academy Award-winning writer, director and producer, and the team at Sony Music‘s podcast joint venture Three Uncanny Four Productions, are launching a podcast to investigate the case of Jeffrey Epstein, titled Broken: Jeffrey Epstein.

This is the first series from Adam Davidson and Laura Mayer (pictured) at Three Uncanny Four Productions, their JV set up with Sony Music in May.

Davidson and Mayer will Executive Produce the podcast with McKay and Kevin Messick along with Julie K. Brown from the Miami Herald, who also will serve as a Special Correspondent.

Hosted by journalist and bestselling author writer Ariel Levy, the podcast will explore what happened before and after Epstein’s most recent arrest.

The first episode ofBroken: Jeffrey Epstein will be available Thursday, September 5, 2019 with subsequent new episodes posting on a weekly basis.

Adam Mckay is an Academy Award-winning writer, director and producer. His most recent feature, Vice, received eight Academy Award, six BAFTA and five Golden Globe nominations.

Davidson is a contributing writer for The New Yorker and a leading broadcaster and podcasting voice who co-founded and co-hosted NPR’s Planet Money and served as a frequent contributor to This American Life.

Mayer, who started her career in radio as a producer across multiple shows at WNYC New York Public Radio including the Fishko Files and On the Media, is a highly accomplished podcast producer.Music Business Worldwide