Kobalt is going to be on the cover of Wired Magazine

Talk to anyone at Kobalt and they’ll tell you that the technology driving the company’s artist/writer-facing Portal is unlike anything else in the music industry.

Talk to some of their rivals, and they’ll suggest this is merely powerful PR; that databases and rights software at other publishers and labels have now caught up with Kobalt.

Well, it’s clear to see who Wired Magazine believes.

The publication – a glossy tech authority that music execs either love to read, or love to be seen to be reading – has given Kobalt its cover feature in the UK next month.

According to an ad for Wired’s May issue, out April 2, Kobalt is: ‘The company that saved the music industry with data.’

Kobalt Music Group CEO Willard Ahdritz tweeted: ‘You can’t argue with the smart people at Wired!’

MBW is sure that, within the confines of their own offices, some of his competitors will give it a bash this morning.

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