Netherlands: recorded music market up 1.1% in 2013

Total revenue generated by the recorded music business in The Netherlands in 2013 was up 1.1% – the first sign of growth in the territory for 12 years.

According to stats from NVPI Audio, the trade association of the Dutch music industry, total turnover of the Dutch record industry in 2013 amounted to more than 130 million Euros.

The digital market (downloads and streaming) took 41.6% of the market. The physical market made up 58.4% of total revenues, despite a decrease of 19.2% compared to 2012.

But the biggest story of the year was the explosion in streaming. Revenue from subscriptions and advertising revenues increased by 113.5% from 17.8 million euros in 2012 to 38 million in 2013.

Income from downloads fell by 5.5%, while revenues from vinyl increased from 6 million euros to 7 million euros.

Kees van der Hoeven, CEO and chairman of Universal Music NVPI Audio: “the success of user-streaming services in the Netherlands, such as Spotify and Deezer, is essential for the development of the music market and new talent.”

Paul Solleveld, director of NVPI: “For every consumer, there is ample supply in all kinds of formats, digitally and physically. The opportunities for physical product are also in the special editions and the gift market. Effective enforcement against illegal supply remains a prerequisite for success. ”

[Pictured: Caro Emerald, whose ‘The Shocking Miss Emerald’, released in May 2013, hit No.1 in Holland and has now gone platinum]

Holland recorded music revenues in 2013 (in millions of euros)


2013: 76.1

2012: 94.2


Digital downloads

2013: 15.5

2012: 16.4


Digital streaming

2013: 38.0

2012: 17.8


Ringtones and similar

2013: 0.6

2012: 0.4

+ 50.0%

Total market

2013: 130.2

2012: 128.8

+ 1.1%Music Business Worldwide

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