Amy Thomson

Chief Catalog Officer

Amy Thomson is a former manager of some of the biggest electronic artists, including Swedish House Mafia, and Chief Catalog Officer of Hipgnosis Songs Fund.

Thomson joined Hipgnosis Songs Fund in September 2020, but later left the Hipgnosis group in 2022.

Amy Thomson: Electronic music management veteran

As CEO of ATM Artists, which she founded in 2004, Amy Thomson executed record releases, marketing campaigns, touring, legal rights and copyright for clients including Kanye West, DJ Snake, Swedish House Mafia, Gorillaz and Seal.

Thomson took Swedish House Mafia to Madison Square Garden, selling out the venue in four minutes, followed by their final tour which sold one million tickets in a week. She stopped working with the DJ trio in 2018, after 14 years.

Thomson’s marketing campaigns have included Yeezus with Kanye West and his team, launching the campaign for that album with 66 building projections of New Slaves worldwide in one night.

Thomson closed her management business in December 2019 to focus on her passion for catalogue management and designed an online system to help artists find, track and trace their songs.

Amy Thomson: Personal philosophy

Amy Thomson previously encapsulated everything she’d learned about artist management during her career into a 400-page digital book, and gave it away for free. The six things an artist manager needs, she said, are: trust, instinct, passion, balls, faith and financial sense.

On instinct, she said: “Not to be confused with your ego… and they are easily confused. Your first thought is often completely right, but if your first thought is how this will make you look or if you will win an award for it, look more powerful or generally just flex at your mates, that’s your ego.”

“Instinct is killer. Ego is death.”

Amy Thomson in her book, Artist Management & Marketing: A Beginners’ Guide

The book followed Thomson’s London-based lecture series, which offered a crash course in areas of the industry including live promotion, streaming royalties and record label contracts.Music Business Worldwide

Amy Thomson In The News

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