Windish Agency joins forces with Paradigm Talent Agency

Independent live music powerhouse The Windish Agency has struck a partnership deal with Paradigm Talent Agency which the duo say will ‘expand the agencies’ scope, expertise, resources and client roster’.

Tom Windish, founder of The Windish Agency, says the deal is not an acquisition.

The likelihood is therefore that it follows a similar structure to Paradigm’s deal with London-based CODA.

Paradigm bought a 50% stake in CODA in January last year, with the UK company now forming part of Paradigm’s global family.

The Windish Agency now teams up with Paradigm and their partner agencies, AM Only and London-based CODA Music Agency, under the Paradigm Music Division.

Together they represent a combined roster that includes Aerosmith, alt-J, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, David Guetta, Diplo, Disclosure, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Phish, Skrillex, Tiësto, Toby Keith, and Zedd.

“Partnering with Paradigm, AM Only and Coda solidifies our long-standing relationship as collaborators, and our respective cultures and synergies will significantly enhance the entire team’s ability to provide exceptional service and representation for all of our artists,” said Tom Windish, Founder/President of The Windish Agency.

“The independent spirit embodied by our agencies is what makes this partnership special, and uniquely positions us to identify, create and maximize client opportunities on a global scale.”

Windish will continue to run The Windish Agency and will join the Paradigm Music leadership team of Chip Hooper, Marty Diamond, Paul Morris and the Coda partners.

Chip Hooper, head of the Paradigm Music Division, added, “Whether hiring employees or forming partnerships we have always been unwaveringly committed to working with the most talented and creative people, and most importantly, with people who share similar goals and those with impeccable character.

“After spending quite a bit of time getting to know Tom and his staff, it became clear this partnership makes perfect sense for everyone.”

Sam Gores, Chairman and CEO of Paradigm, added, “The common thread in building Paradigm Music has been to invest in strong, visionary leaders who are universally respected by their peers and committed to building careers the right way.

“From the moment I met Tom Windish I was impressed with his business acumen, integrity, leadership, taste, and unique way of thinking. Over the years Paradigm has established a pattern of successful partnerships that together have formed a unified culture that I am proud of.”

Alex Hardee, Partner at Coda said, “When you bring four like-minded entrepreneurial companies together under one roof, such as AM Only (US), Paradigm (US), The Windish Agency (US) and CODA (UK), you form a very attractive proposition and things will start to come naturally to you. Windish is a very welcome addition to the family.”Music Business Worldwide

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