Warner shuts down US vinyl retailer Insound

Insound, an online US vinyl and turntable retailer founded 16 years ago, is being shut down by parent Warner Music Group.

The popular e-store, which also sold music merchandise and apparel, delivered the news to its customers this afternoon.

“You might have already heard, and it’s true… after 16 years of slinging vinyl, we are sad to say that due to corporate cost-cutting measures, we’ll be closing at the end of the month,” it said in a statement.

Warner’s ADA fully acquired Insound seven years ago in January 2008 – nine years after the retailer was founded in 1999.

The store says it will fulfill any orders that have been placed, including pre-orders.

According to new RIAA figures, vinyl sales in the US jumped 49.4% in 2014 to $314.9m.

Insound was founded by Christian Anthony, Matt Wishnow and Ari Sass.

Wishnow and Sass previously worked at Warner-owned Elektra.Music Business Worldwide

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