Warner named as launch partner for new subscription-based music licensing platform for app developers

San Francisco-based technology firm Feed Media Group (FMG) has partnered with Warner Music Group (WMG) to launch Adaptr, a new platform that allows developers to legally integrate music into their apps.

Adaptr provides full licensing for on-demand music, allowing businesses to skip direct licensing negotiations and go straight to market with music from popular artists and songwriters.

For a subscription fee, developers can build a catalog of tracks from Adaptr’s pre-licensed library, which includes music from WMG’s artists and songwriters, BMG Records, Equal Vision Records, Vio Mobile, A-Train Distribution, and more.

Using Adaptr’s APIs and SDKs, developers can integrate that music into their apps.

Launched in 2015, FMG is described as “a technology company dedicated to making it easy for businesses of all kinds to use music to create more engaging experiences for their customers”.

The company is led by veterans from the technology, music licensing and distribution, finance, and marketing sectors including co-founders Jeff Yasuda (CEO), Lauren Pufpaf (COO), and Eric Lambrecht (CTO).

Adaptr’s monthly subscription fees range from $69 per month for the ‘Starter’ tier to $549 for the ‘Teams tier’.

The first one gives you unlimited access to the platform’s full music catalog and 500 Song Streams to be used for one app. The latter gives its users’ access for up to five apps and 5,000 song streams.

According to the app’s FAQs, Adaptr is only available to companies that have ‘raised less than $7.5m in funding and your app is earning less than $4.5m in revenue’.

Adaptr also features tools for curation that enable startups to create custom musical experiences for their audience while ensuring that rightsholders are paid for every stream.

FMG’s platform also includes Feed.fm, which was launched in 2015 to power non-interactive radio for apps and digital technologies in the fitness, retail, healthcare, gaming, connected fitness, and AI sectors.

“One of our key goals at WMG is to make it far easier to license all music.”

Oana Ruxandra, WMG

Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer, WMG, added: “One of our key goals at WMG is to make it far easier to license all music.

“Among other things, reducing frictions around licensing will enable us to accelerate innovation, support the startup community, engender competition, excite our fans with new and evolving ways to interact with music, and deliver additional value for our artists and songwriters.

“We want to drive innovation and spark creativity, and Adaptr will help us do just that.”

“With Adaptr, there’s no need for developers to worry about whether they should ask for permission or forgiveness.”

Jeff Yasuda, FMG

Jeff Yasuda, Co-Founder and CEO of FMG, said: “With Adaptr, there’s no need for developers to worry about whether they should ask for permission or forgiveness.

“Now they can get the commercial music they want without needing to jump through the complex hoops of music licensing, distribution, and payments — the hurdles that often lead to illegal usage — and just focus on creating.Music Business Worldwide

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