Warner Music launches new label, EH Brasil

Warner Music has launched a new label, EH Brasil.

The label is focused on the country’s Northeast region, which has a population of almost 60 million and is home to Piseiro, a genre of music which grew in popularity through the 2000s and combines electronic keyboards with vocals, and has its own sound system culture known as a paredão.

Piseiro has also helped shape a Brega funk-influenced style known as pisadinha, which has grown in popularity over the last few years.

The new label will be headed by its Directors, Samuel Pedro and Vinicius Lamournier Lopes De Araujo, who are both  well-versed in music from the region.

They are collaborating with a trio of masked producers called Mad Dogz to kick start the label, and who have a track record in working with artists from the Northeast.

They helped Mari Fernandez record the hit Ficante Fiel, which went double Platinum, with 33 million streams and 15m views on YouTube.

The trio also recorded Sem Querer Querendo with Marcinho Sensação, a track which has generated nine million streams to date, and Love Love + Eu with Felipe Amorim.

EH Brasil’s first signing comes in Samarony O Vaqueiro, whose song Linda Charmosa is currently climbing the Brazilian charts, and has generated more than 4.5m streams and 1.6m YouTube views to date.

Today’s news follows the recent promotion of Leila Oliveira to the role of General Manager at Warner Music Brazil.

“Brazil’s Northeast region is the birthplace of unparalleled talent and it deserves special attention.”

Sérgio Affonso Fernandes, Warner Music Brazil

Sérgio Affonso Fernandes, President of Warner Music Brazil, said: “Brazil’s Northeast region is the birthplace of unparalleled talent and it deserves special attention from scouts, entrepreneurs and record labels.

“With that in mind, we’ve created the new EH Brasil label to discover and support artists from these very special genres who have the potential to become stars across the country and beyond.”Music Business Worldwide

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