Victory Records founder Tony Brummel launches new company, Mission Two Entertainment

Tony Brummel, the Chicago-based founder of renowned independent rock, metal, emo and hardcore punk label Victory Records, has launched a new music company called Mission Two Entertainment.

Victory Records and Another Victory Publishing were acquired by Concord in 2019, after a historic 30 year run with close to 16 million albums sold and numerous platinum and gold albums and singles.

Brummel started Victory in 1989 with less than $1,000.

Mission Two Entertainment has also launched Amuxe Publishing, which is not only the home of Mission Two Entertainment artists, but “has aggressively curated a talented and diverse roster of writers”, according to the press release announcing the launch.

Those songwriters include Drew Giordano (Sonic Graffiti, Deadborns), Dan Snyder (Paper Lights, aReverie), Jessica Mar, Brodie Z, Menton J. Matthews III (Saltillo), Dan Guenther (Vein Collector, Missing in STARS), Jesse Sexton (Subtle Jones), Sasha K.A (American Dreamer), and Brian Barrett & Micaiah Walker of Polaroid Summer.

“Same job, different name, bigger mission.”

Tony Brummel, Mission Two Entertainment

The inaugural Mission Two Entertainment release will be delivered by hardcore legends CRO-MAGS, led by founder, bassist and vocalist Harley Flanagan.

Debuting their first studio album since 2000 with In The Beginning, the album will be released on June 19, 2020.

The album features the latest single The Final Test, as well as the previously released From The Grave, featuring ex-Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell.

The NYC quartet recorded The Quarantine Show on March 15, 2020 live from New York City.

Meanwhile,  Salt Lake City punk pioneers INSIGHT will release Reflection this summer. The 19-track album spans their career with four new tracks, rare live tracks and vintage studio material.

In addition, Don’t Sleep, led by ex-Dag Nasty/DYS/All frontman Dave Smalley, will release their full length Mission Two debut later this year, Turn The Tide, with Smalley adding,

“Same job, different name, bigger mission,” said CEO/founder Tony Brummel.

“I started Victory Records in 1989 with $800. I made a different deal and I have not submitted like so many other ‘independents.’ I kept the entire staff. Let’s go!”

“I first saw the CRO-MAGS open for Venom in 1985 in Chicago when I was 13 years old after moving home from the Bahamas. After that show, I knew I was not going to college.

“INSIGHT are a great band that my old band Even Score played with in Salt Lake City in 1990. Such an underrated band and better human beings.

“DYS and Dag Nasty were huge inspirations for me and I love Dave, the band and their manager Matt Holmes.”

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