Viberate launches Independent Artist platform offering distribution and advances up to $1m

Slovenia-headquartered music data company Viberate has expanded its services with a new platform for independent musicians.

The newly launched Viberate for Artists offers music distribution to all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tencent Music.

Viberate for Artists also provides booking and promotion tools, playlist and festival pitching a free one-sheet tool, and professional artist analytics covering streaming and social media channels.

Viberate says that its new suite of tools are, “for musicians who want to remain independent or are looking for a launchpad to a record deal”.

Additionally, via the new hub, Viberate will offer funding for independent musicians in the form of advances of up to $1 million on future streaming royalties.

According to the company’s website, to meet the advancing criteria, songs need to be at least a year old with at least 100,000 streams in the past 12 months. Viberate says that it’ll “still analyze and assess every submission individually”.

Viberate says that the launch of the new platform “is in line with the company’s mission of democratizing data for every music industry stakeholder”.

Viberate offers a set of A&R tools for labels and publishers, and a business toolkit for managers and other music professionals.

The company says that its analytics tool processes over 1 billion data points each day. The company also claims to offer “comprehensive analytics pages for pretty much every artist in the world”

Last month, the company launched an emerging artist chart featuring genre, performance, fanbase and geolocation filters, with the aim of making it easier to discover new talent around the world.

Earlier this year, Viberate reduced the price of its professional music analytics suite, to $9.90 per month.

“Viberate is changing the rules of the game by giving artists access to all the tools that can help them kickstart their career without restrictions.”

Vasja Veber, Viberate

“Viberate is changing the rules of the game by giving artists access to all the tools that can help them kickstart their career without restrictions,” said Viberate’s co-founder Vasja Veber.

Added Veber: “Artists can now release and monetize their music plus promote it with data-driven tools, previously reserved for bigger players in the music industry.

“Within the platform, they can reach out to music festivals and playlist curators directly, and use music analytics to look into their audience, find their next collabs, pinpoint festivals and playlists that can expand their reach, and research potential markets. Additionally, they can monitor their performance and compare it with their peers. As we want to make access to these tools affordable for every artist, they are available for $3.25 a month, some of them even completely free of charge!”

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