Viberate cuts subscription cost to under $10 in bid to democratize access to high end data analytics tools

Vasja Veber, Viberate Co-founder & CBDO

Data analytics platform Viberate is looking to turbo-charge its user-base growth in 2023 by cutting the cost of its full service from $129 per month to $9.90.

The Slovenia headquartered company described the dramatic move as “scary, but the right thing to do”, claiming that it would help make the music industry more inclusive and access to game-changing data tools more democratic.

Viberate says that its analytics tool processes over 1 billion data points each day.

It also claims to offer “comprehensive analytics pages for pretty much every artist in the world”.

It offers a set of A&R tools for labels and publishers, and a business toolkit for managers and other music professionals.

The company also says that it has third-party services from distributors, royalty collectors, promotion services integrated into the platform.

Commenting on the Premium tier price reduction, co-founder Vasja Veber, said: “Up until now, Viberate and other data analytics services have been priced similarly, and we all catered to wealthier, more established clients. We did offer a free tier, but we noticed that artists in particular desperately wanted more data.”

“Streaming services have nailed the price range and revolutionized how we consume music today. Now, we are doing the same for music data.”

Vasja Veber, Viberate

Added Veber: “Some of them even went so far as to create tens of different emails to keep using our free weekly trial. If we want the entire industry to prosper, we need to provide the tools at an affordable price.

“Streaming services have nailed the price range and revolutionized how we consume music today. Now, we are doing the same for music data.”

The move continues Viberate’s busy start to what it believes will be a pivotal year in its expansion.

At the start of January, it launched what it says is a new, more-detailed and easier to cross-reference artist chart.

Founded in Slovenia in 2015, Viberate is a fast-growing music data analytics company with offices in London and Los Angeles as well as its HQ in Ljubljana.

The company offers three tiers, including its free Lite tier, which offers Limited Artist & Track Analytics, Limited talent discovery and management tools and Basic genre and country trends.

The Premium tier, which now costs $9.90 per month instead of $129, includes access to charts with ‘advanced’ talent discovery filters; Complete Artist & Track Analytics; Alerts with updates and strategic shifts; Playlist performance; Fanbase demographics; Benchmarking and reporting tools; CSV & PDF exports, and Channel-specific and cross-channel metrics: TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Shazam, Airplay, etc.

An Enterprise option is also available for API and company-wide access.

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