VEVO’s Artists To Watch 2018: Alma, Avelino, Lewis Capaldi, Au/Ra

In the third instalment of our roll-out of Vevo’s dscvr Artists To Watch 2018, there are four more exciting new acts tipped for the top by the video service.

The two new artists on the UK side of the list are the definition-dodging Alma, and North London MC Avelino.

And earmarked for big things in the US, we meet young Scottish singer songwriter Lewis Capaldi (signed to Capitol in Hollywood) and Au-Ra, resident of Concrete Jungle via Ibiza, Antigua and LA…

Label: Virgin EMI, UMG
Management: ATC Management

Alma is a popstar designed to subvert expectations. From her acid green hair to the genre-hopping hits, the 21-year-old Finn breaks down conventions for fun.

Breakthrough single Chasing Highs hit the UK top 20 this year, and she’s collaborated with lead names in hip-hop (French Montana guests on Phases), pop (Charli XCX directed a video for her) and dance (Sub Focus had her sing on Don’t You Feel It). Her voice is the biggest draw, as capable as lending itself to Adele-esque balladry as it is flooring house.

Claudia de Wolff, Vevo’s VP, creative content & programming, UK & international, says: “It’s been impossible not to notice Alma in 2017 – Her video for Chasing Highs already at 20 Million views! We’re hotly anticipating what this fierce, acid green pop prospect from Finland has in store for 2018.”

Label: More Music Records / OddChild Music
Management: More Music Records / OddChild Music

Tottenham MC Avelino is one of the UK’s most outspoken, upfront young talents.

From his teens onwards, he’s been surrounded by an ever-changing landscape defined by uncertainty and the recurring question: will his friends and family be priced out of the city?

On record, and just like his close mentor Wretch 32, he uses this fear and frustration as ammo.

Although his delivery can be more laid back than his grime peers, a real drive to define his own future bubbles under the surface; see the smoothed-out Vevo dscvr session of Long Time Coming as evidence.

De Wolff says: “Having first worked with Avelino in January of 2017 we knew he had huge potential. This year the outspoken yet humble MC has worked with several high profile artists, and we’re sure he will make 2018 his own.”

Lewis Capaldi
Label: Capitol
Management: Ryan Walter/Scott Kirkwood

Scotland’s vibrant musical scene has spawned several Next Big Things through the years, but the fervor with which audiences are responding to Lewis Capaldi’s small-yet-growing batch of songs is a sign that he’s the real deal.

In January, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter released his debut, Bruises, a stark lament anchored in post-breakup devastation.

Around the same time, he sold out Glasgow’s storied King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut.

He has since released the Bloom EP, which fleshes out his sound in all manner of interesting directions; his ascent from the outskirts of Edinburgh to global pop recognition is only getting started.

JP Evangelista, Vevo’s head of music & talent says: “As you can hear on the devastating Bruises, Lewis Capaldi puts passion up front, so he has earned himself comparisons to some of the most fiery vocalists around.”

Label: Columbia Records
Management: Loudmouth Music

The pictures Au/Ra paints of city life in Concrete Jungle depict a place stripped bare of its humanity, pinpointing the disconnects between people who live are crammed: Vultures sit on skyscrapers/watchin’ for the ones who fall down first.

Kicks, her second single, is a dreamy portrait of how her passion sets her apart. Her promising first tracks, including her dscvr performance “Outsiders,” suggest that she’ll be having fun for years to come.

Evangelista says: “Born in Ibiza, raised in Antigua, and currently living in LA, Au/Ra has lots of experiences to tell us about. The young singer behind “Concrete Jungle” is a creative writer – and a Tolkien fiend.”

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