Vevo DSCVR Artists To Watch 2023: K-Trap, Lauren Spencer Smith, Ramón Vega, flowerovlove

MBW continues to shine a spotlight on VEVO’s Artists To Watch 2023, this time featuring…


Alex Morley, Senior Manager, Music & Talent: “Since establishing himself in the UK Drill scene K-Trap has been unstoppable. His latest mixtape ‘The Last Whip II’ feels like a new era for the Gypsy Hill rapper, he’s making waves and bringing UK culture to an international audience. We can’t wait to witness the next step in 2023.”

K-Trap: “Shout out to VEVO for supporting my music and getting me involved with Artists To Watch. It’s good to be selected as one to watch in 2023; the future’s looking bright.”

lauren spencer smith

Justin Prager, Senior Director, Music Programming: “I remember the first time I heard Fingers Crossed, I had to ask myself if I’d actually heard the song before because it was so instantly familiar. Lauren’s songwriting takes all the feels of what’s happening in pop music today, but with a classic touch. She’ll be around for years to come, because her music will never sound dated.”

Lauren Spencer Smith: “Growing up, I constantly watched artists on VEVO, so to be a part of the DSCVR Artists to Watch for 2023 feels so incredible. I’m so thankful.”

ramón vega

Julie Fernandez, Senior Manager, Artist & Label Relations:Ramón Vega embodies everything this program stands for. At only 17 years old, and as a brand new artist, he’s got it all – the talent, the looks, the fans, great music and an undeniably promising future ahead of him. We are beyond thrilled and very grateful to be a part of his journey so early on in his career. Representing his beautiful Mexican nation and heritage, Ramón brings his unique character, style and originality to our VEVO DSCVR Artists to Watch 2023 line-up. We can’t wait to continue to see Ramón grow, break barriers, flourish and climb straight to the top.”

Ramón Vega: “What can I say, the love and the affection of the fans is something I discovered thanks to the covers I began to upload. Now, seven years later, having the opportunity to continue sharing my music and now being a part of VEVO DSCVR Artists to Watch for 2023 inspires and honors me, as well as allowing me to share with other artists while representing my beautiful Mexican nation.”


Jodeci Rampasard, Manager, Music & Talent: “From her lyrics to her compelling visuals, Flowerovlove is a rising star. It’s been incredible to see her growth over the last few months and we’re very excited to see what next year brings.”

flowerovlove: “To be a DSCVR Artists To Watch for 2023 is absolutely epic, I’m so grateful to have been chosen. Thanks again for giving me support on this platform, I adore you guys!”Music Business Worldwide