Vevo Artists To Watch 2021: Olivia Dean, Holly Humberstone, Alfie Templeman, Kylie Morgan, Dylan Fuentes

Over the past few weeks, in a series of posts, MBW has been showcasing all the artists featured in VEVO’s DSCVR Artists To Watch 2021 list.

In the first week, we introduced you to Bow Anderson, Surf Mesa, Gracey, Shaybo and Giveon.

After that, we previewed Toosii, Flo Milli, S1MBA, Pa Salieu and KennyHoopla.

Last week we showcased Scribz Riley, Finn Askew, Remi Wolf and 24kGoldn.

Here’s this week’s round-up…

Olivia Dean

Carl Young, Head of Music & Talent, EU, said: Olivia Dean’s warming soulful voice is going to be something I predict we’ll be hearing a lot more next year and beyond.

“There’s a real truth and honesty to Olivia’s songwriting, drawing upon personal experiences, wrapped up with soulful joy and delivered with her distinct humorous charm.

“She’s an incredible artist and i’m delighted to have her included in our DSCVR Artists To Watch 2021 campaign.”

Holly Humberstone

Carl Young, Head of Music & Talent, EU, said: “Holly is one of those rare, raw, honest talents, since first hearing Deep End I’ve been captivated ever since.

“She has the ability to command your attention with her ethereal voice, songwriting and striking delivery.

“I’m overjoyed to have Holly Humberstone involved in our DSCVR Artists To Watch 2021 series and I’m equally as excited to see her continue to grow and enchant new audiences.”

Holly Humberstone added: “Buzzing to have been selected by VEVO DSCVR to be a part of their Artist To Watch campaign.

“They always champion my favourite artists so it’s crazy to have been chosen for this !!! So excited for the release of the performance. I loved being a part of it !”

Alfie Templeman

Alex Morley, Music & Talent Manager, said: “Muti-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Alfie Templeman is on the rise and we’ve no doubt that 2021 is going to be a big year for the ambitious young performer.

“Alfie’s sound seamlessly swings from breezy dream-pop to upbeat guitar funk and at just 17 years old, there’s no telling where his sound (or his career) can go.

“2020 has been a tough year for emerging artists, particularly in the independent community, but you wouldn’t guess that from the way Alfie’s star has risen this year, Chess Club and AWAL are working with Alfie to bring us some much needed up-beat energy.

“These sessions are brilliant, make sure you check out the world-exclusive of Alfie’s new track Wait I Lied, which won’t be available anywhere else until next year!”

Alfie Templeman added: “I’m honoured to be included in the DSCVR Artists To Watch 2021! As an independent artist, it’s so awesome to be acknowledged by such a great group of people who are into what I’m just creating in my bedroom!”

Kylie Morgan

Gabby Prisciandaro, Associate Director, Talent & Label Relations, said: “Kylie Morgan’s sound is nothing short of contagious.

“‘I’m a wrecking ball, red lipstick on’ Kylie sings in her hit, Break Things and that is exactly the type of fierce, female energy we wanted to capture for our DSCVR Artists to Watch program.

“Armed with her powerhouse voice, guitar shredding and storytelling, Kylie is going to take Nashville and 2021 by storm.”

Kylie Morgan added: “There are always other artists that inspire you. The kind of people that make you want to work harder, write better songs and connect on a deeper level through your music.

“I honestly still cannot believe that Vevo chose me to be included in a class full of artists that do this very thing. I am beyond grateful.”

Dylan Fuentes

Julie Fernandez, Manager, Latin Artist & Label Relations, said: “Dylan Fuentes was an immediate pick for us for our exclusive Vevo DSCVR ATW annual program.

“This Colombian heartthrob’s catchy music and unique sound automatically set him aside from the rest. With A-list collaborations such as Tainy, Mau y Ricky and Myke Towers already under his belt, we know Dylan’s on the rise straight to the top.

“His hit tracks MENTE and NOCHES DE SOLEDAD have us waiting at the edge of our seats for all of his upcoming unreleased music. This is just the beginning. We’re excited to watch Dylan take the Latin world by storm in 2021 and beyond.”

Dylan Fuentes added: “2020 has been a year of progress for me amidst the obstacles the world as a whole has been faced with, but along with that there have been moments of growth as an artist.

“I am excited to have been selected as one of VEVO’s 2021 DSCVR Artists to Watch!

“This is an incredible program that showcasing up and coming talent from all genres and for me what is really special is that I am the only Latin music artist in the lineup this year.

“Extremely grateful to VEVO for giving a kid from Colombia the spotlight!Music Business Worldwide

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