Vevo adds iSpot to help advertisers measure their reach on the platform

Vevo has appointed iSpot to measure its advertisers’ campaigns reach, taking into account connected TV audiences and co-viewing in the process.

The firm believes the move will be a major boost for brands looking to gauge not just the reach of their ads but also gain an accurate picture of their viewership.

Bryon Schafer, Senior Vice President, Research, Vevo, said:  “Vevo can be bought like TV, and now, measured all the more like TV. However, unlike traditional TV, we provide brands with scaled access to younger, harder-to-reach audiences.

“Advertisers are increasingly coveting these audiences who are not linear cable subscribers and simply do not watch much ad-supported TV – and running campaigns on Vevo fills that void.”

“With iSpot, we can further demonstrate Vevo’s value to advertisers.”

Bryon Schafer, VEVO

Vevo has been rapidly expanding its OTT distribution and gained ten new TV partners in 2020. It saw its CTV viewership grow by 30% globally and 58% in the U.S. from 2019 to 2020.

Schafer continued: “With iSpot, we can further demonstrate Vevo’s value to advertisers and showcase that campaigns really reach new audiences on connected TV, and not simply with what has been measurable. We’ve found iSpot to be a compelling platform that can measure TV with the enhanced precision we need for our brand partners.”

Stuart Schwartzapfel, Senior Vice President, Media Partnerships, iSpot, added: “Vevo is the leading music video network across all platforms, reaching a billion daily views on average, making it an attractive destination for brands to leverage its cultural cachet.

“iSpot will play a key role in Vevo’s data-driven decision-making around its sales and monetization strategy for CTV, and we’re excited to deepen our relationship in the months and years ahead.”Music Business Worldwide