Universal, Sony, [PIAS] and InGrooves partner with BMG on Sanctuary and Mute catalogues

BMG has appointed four key marketing and distribution partners to handle its newly-acquired Sanctuary and Mute Records catalogues: [PIAS], InGrooves, Sony Music and Universal Music.

Catalogues which feature across Sanctuary and Mute include The Kinks (pictured), Black Sabbath, Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp.

BMG will handle registration of works, royalty accounting, sales reporting and synch undertaken in-house, campaign planning and shipment control in collaboration with each company – while digital and physical retail marketing, sales, manufacturing and distribution services handled by the partners.

The four distribution and marketing partners announced today are:

-[PIAS] who will provide digital and physical retail marketing, sales, manufacturing, and distribution services for over 150,000 Mute and Sanctuary recordings for the world excluding USA and Canada;

– INgrooves, who will provide the same services in the USA and Canada;

Universal Music Group, who will continue to handle the exploitation of 19 Black Sabbath albums BMG acquired with Sanctuary until End March 2014

Sony Music Entertainment, who will handle the Depeche Mode catalogue BMG acquired with Mute Records.

BMG EVP International Repertoire Fred Casimir said, “Partnership is core to the BMG philosophy, and so we are delighted to be working with these four great companies in order to optimize the exploitation of the Sanctuary and Mute catalogues.”Music Business Worldwide

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