TuneCore strikes partnership with Peloton Music

TuneCore, one of the world’s largest DIY music distribution platforms, has struck a partnership with connected fitness brand and luxury exercise bike maker, Peloton.

The deal will see TuneCore start distributing its artists’ music to Peloton Music.

TuneCore Artists who want to send their releases to Peloton Music, can now head to the Store Manager section in their account dashboard.

‘Peloton Music’ is described in a TuneCore blog post as “a discovery platform for new artists and releases while also providing the opportunity for Peloton Members to re-discover the music they love”.

Peloton, which generated revenues of $931 million in Q4 2021 alone, counted over 5.9 million members as of June 30, 2021.

As of June 30, 2021, Peloton reports to have had over 2.6 million songs under license, representing what it says is “one of the largest audiovisual connected fitness music catalogs in the world”.

In recent month’s, the platform’s music strategy has included a multi-year partnership with Beyoncé, a music festival , and a remix series of Elvis Presley hits, which Peloton says were ‘later picked up for broad commercial release by Sony Music‘.

According to Peloton’s 2021 annual report, the platform’s Music Rights Strategy includes having “built a world class music rights content management and reporting system to meet the needs of our music rights holders”.

Adds the company in its report: “Peloton is increasingly seen by our partners as an impactful music discovery platform, which has created opportunities to progressively and meaningfully enhance our classes with custom music experiences.

“We expect this to continue as we invest in music-first technology to improve the quality of our Members’ experience, strengthen our competitive advantage over other fitness platforms, and add value to our Members.”

In February, the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and Peloton fully settled litigation brought last year by 14 NMPA members.

In addition, Peloton and the trade association entered into “a joint collaboration agreement” to work together to “further optimize” Peloton’s music licensing systems and processes.

TuneCore, in its blog post announcing the new partnership, states that Peloton Music’s “internal catalog is open to search, however, content is screened and verified with MRI for 100% publishing rights”.

It adds that “any content that is not 100% in publishing rights will not be made active in the Peloton Music catalog”.

“By partnering with Peloton, TuneCore continues to give artists more reach and more opportunities for discovery.”

Andreea Gleeson, TuneCore

Andreea Gleeson, TuneCore CEO, said: “There is a deep connection between music and exercise, with the right music improving the quality of workouts by increasing stamina, reducing perceived efforts, and boosting moods.

“We are proud to bring the songs of DIY indie artists, the fastest growing segment of the music industry, to Peloton’s passionate fitness community.

“By partnering with Peloton, TuneCore continues to give artists more reach and more opportunities for discovery.” –Music Business Worldwide