Tobias Jesso Jr signs to UMPG in global co-publishing deal

One of the most talked-about new singer/songwriters in the world, Tobias Jesso Jr., has signed an exclusive worldwide co-publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG).

Jesso Jr. becomes one of the first major new signings by UMPG Chairman and CEO, Jody Gerson, who took the reins of the business in January.

Gerson is believed to have pipped numerous other publishers – major and indie – to the artist’s signature.

Canada-born Jesso Jr. has won comparisons to Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman, with fans including Zane Lowe and Adele.

He  released his debut album Goon on True Panther via Matador last month, which won praise from the likes of  Pitchfork, LA Times, Rolling Stone, NME, New York Times, and Vogue.

“If I could be anyone in the music industry, it would be jody gerson.”

Tobias Jesso Jr.

“It’s our complete focus to sign and help grow the careers of the very best creative talent in the business, and Tobias Jesso Jr. certainly falls into that category. He’s simply brilliant,” said Gerson.

“Throughout the years, I’ve had the privilege of discovering and developing some really talented artists and songwriters. Tobias is truly one of the most talented and gifted I have ever known. I couldn’t be more excited for us to be working with him and playing a role in what promises to be a very exciting and long career.”

“If I could be anyone in the music industry, it would be Jody Gerson. Now I am one step closer,” said Jesso Jr.

Jesso Jr. recently performed on a number of high-profile television and radio programmes, including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, BBC Radio 1, and Conan.

He’s currently on a U.S. tour with multiple dates scheduled in May throughout Europe.

Among his reviews, Pitchfork gave Goon an 8.5 and its coveted “Best New Music” tag and wrote, “Goon has a meta quality, an album of music that illustrates the power of music.”Music Business Worldwide

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