TIDAL launches ‘TIDAL Artist Home’ profile management hub for artists

Music streaming service TIDAL has unveiled TIDAL Artist Home, a new feature that allows artists to manage how fans see their TIDAL profile, among other functionalities.

TIDAL says the new tool grants artists control over their TIDAL profiles, while providing early access to new products and resources tailored to their needs.

The music strreaming company says that the new artist platform is launching with the “long-term vision of giving artists more control over their careers, starting with their presence on TIDAL”.

TIDAL Artist Home’s launch follows the launch of Spotify‘s Spotify for Artists hub back in October 2017. The latter platform enabled artists to track the release of their new music and manage their presence on Spotify. (Spotify Analytics, a data dashboard for record labels and distributors, was introduced in November 2020).

SoundCloud in October also launched its own artist services platform called ‘SoundCloud for Artists.’ The launch was led by Tracy Chan, SoundCloud’s Senior Vice President of Creator, and former Head of Music at Twitch. He also led the development of Spotify for Artists.

And less than a year ago, Tencent Music Entertainment, the most dominant music streaming service provider in China, also launched a similar tool called ‘TME Business Intelligence for Artists.’ TME claimed that the tool updates data 150 times a day by data mining across multiple platforms.

Through TIDAL Artist Home, artists can make edits to their profiles, such as updating their social media links to encourage listeners to become followers. They can also directly request content updates, including albums, EPs, and singles, to TIDAL’s Content Operations.

As artists gain popularity, they have the option to extend access to their TIDAL Artist Home accounts to their teams, including managers, labels, bandmates, and publicists.

TIDAL’s Global Head of Product, Agustina Sacerdote, said TIDAL is “building a platform to help economically empower emerging artists around the world.”

“TIDAL Artist Home is the beginning of a platform that gives artists and their teams back more time, energy, and resources to focus on their art and make a sustainable living from it.”

Agustina Sacerdote, TIDAL

“TIDAL Artist Home is the beginning of a platform that gives artists and their teams back more time, energy, and resources to focus on their art and make a sustainable living from it. This is the foundation for a future in which streaming is one of many ways we’re supporting artists.”

AKINYEMI, a rising artist who participated in the design process of the TIDAL ArtistHome hub, said: “Giving an artist like me a simple way to manage my presence on TIDAL is important so I can represent myself the way I want to be seen as an artist.”

“It was really special to be part of the design process for TIDAL Artist Home and see my ideas and feedback incorporated into the first iteration of it. I appreciate how TIDAL makes artists part of the process and designs the platform with artists in mind.”

TIDAL’s new feature comes as the global music platform is now available in 61 countries, boasting over 100 million songs and more than 650,000 high-quality videos.

TIDAL is available in Free (US only), HiFi, and HiFi Plus tiers. The HiFi Plus membership offers access to immersive audio features like Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) recordings, Dolby Atmos Music, and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio recordings for a higher monthly fee that TIDAL gives back to artists.Music Business Worldwide