The Hottest Independent Artists In The World: Brakence, Bryce Xavier, Dad Sport, Fousheé & Noak Hellsing

Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen our Hottest Independent Artists In The World series, in partnership with digital talent discovery specialists, Instrumental.

Instrumental’s ‘hot score’ flags independent artists daily that are seeing exceptional performance across a range of key metrics.

This is the very same algorithm that tipped acts like Surfaces, Tones and I, Lil Tecca and Anson Seabra months before they went mainstream.

Here are another five of the most exciting prospects from around the globe from within Instrumental’s current batch of ‘hot’ artists…

Brakence – Electro pop, US

18-year-old, electro pop singer Randy Findell or ‘Brakence’ emerged from Columbus, Ohio with his breakthrough album punk2.

Shortly after its release, Instrumental flagged him as ‘hot’ and he’s since grown from 4 to 24,000 artist followers. The release of his album resulted in 8 million all-platform streams.

He maintains popular Instagram and TikTok accounts and recently hosted an ‘Ask me anything’ thread on Reddit, giving some insight into his musical process.

Bryce Xavier – Social Media Pop, US

18-year-old singer Bryce Xavier has 2.6 million followers and over 32 million likes on TikTok. These statistics also translate into Instagram followers, where he has built an audience of 631,000.

His YouTube channel hosts music videos and covers on an almost-monthly basis. You can listen to his cover of Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved, here.

Dad Sports – Indie, Canada

A recent product of Ottowa, Ontario, indie band Dad Sports have steadily grown their streaming numbers across the course of 2020.

Their last single, out 4 a breather, has pulled in the highest figures out of all their tracks, with over 70,000 plays across platforms.

A new music video also went up last week for the track name & place and the band posts custom artwork and behind the scenes footage on their Instagram account.

Fousheé – Alternative R&B, US

Harlem R&B artist and ‘The Voice’ contestant Fousheé is having a busy 2020, after releasing an EP, a single and lending vocals to Sleepy Hollow’s viral drill hit, Deep End Freestyle.

She first went ‘hot’ on Instrumental’s platform in June and is growing in playlist followers – up from 68.8 million.

Check out what TikTok has been doing with her Deep End Freestyle vocal sample, here.

Noak Hellsing – Pop, Sweden

Swedish piano-based pop singer Noak Hellsing is up 575% in artist followers since Instrumental first found him ‘hot’ at the end of 2019. His brand of acoustic pop has earned him listeners from across Scandinavia, including Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

You can check out his latest music video for Good Enough here and for a closer look at the 17-year-old’s musical process, read this piece from Ten Music Groups blog, here.

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